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"Take 10" with A

It is time for another "Take 10" guys. This is where I ask 10 random questions from one of the bloggers and hope they shall oblige! 

Today, we have among us 'A' Real Blogger, as he calls himself and blogs under the alias of the initial 'A'. His blog is my doze of 'real world', where I go when I need some time off from fashion. He blogs about current affairs, or any pressing matters of the world, and sometimes even about celebrities and their weird ways. He has provided all his readers with a great platform to discuss and debate on topics which they probably won't anywhere else. So ladies (and gentleman!) can I count on you to welcome him to our 'fashionable' world? 

Tanvi - How long have you been blogging and why did you start it?

A - Almost one year now. Why did I start? Hmmmm. ... Good question! You will not believe this but the truth is that someone once asked me, "What is 'First Love'?" on a social forum and when I answered in a sentence he was not satisfied! So I wrote a story 'My First Love'. The link is still posted on my blog. I kept it password protected and but the permitted readers thought it was my real story, which was good and bad, both. Bad because it is not a real story and good because I realized I can write stories. Since then I have been blogging but I have not limited myself to only fiction.

Tanvi - What does your family think about your "blogging hobby"?

A - They are not very happy about it. My wife wants me to limit the time I spend on blogging. I encourage my daughter to write as well. In fact I have posted two of her poems on my blog. I have had to work hard to convince my daughter (who is in middle school) to write the 50th post on Diwali for the blog. I wanted her to learn about Diwali. I think she did a good job.

Tanvi - Has blogging changed your perspective about anything? or surprised you in any way?

A - I get surprised when people 'say' I write well but I am not so sure about it. However, I do not think my perspective in life has changed much but I have indeed found a new way to learn about different parts of the world.

Tanvi - Do you have any specific future plans for your blog?

A - No specific plans. Only - continue to blog. I want to write a technical blog too at some point but I am not sure if I am allowed to.

Tanvi - Complete the sentence - "Deep down I'm..."

A - ... an average human being.

Tanvi - I know this is not your 'desired' territory, but what is you take on fashion?

A - Actually I don't mind fashion! Though I live in the U.S., I always try to wear appropriate and clean outfit. There are not many choices for males in terms of 'fashion' but I wish it was otherwise. I purchase age-appropriate-recent-design shirts, trousers and ties. Being a Punjabi 'looking good' is one of the most important things for us. Also, you'd be surprised but I enjoy going to fashion shows as well. Now just don't ask me why....

Tanvi - If you could go back in time, where would you like to go?

A - College days and have some more fun.

Tanvi - Which is your favorite book and why? Also, the last book you read was ...?

A - Favorite book would have to be - A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It is original and the script is very excellent. These days I am reading an old book 'Thy Hand Great Anarch' by Nirad C. Chaudhuri.

Tanvi - One lesson learnt in life that you would want pass on to your daughter?

A -  ...Try not to lose your temper.

Tanvi - Your thoughts on Life and Blogging

A -

Life is short. Work hard and do what you like . Do not let peer pressure make you do [or not do] things that you don't like. There is nothing wrong and no shame in being different.

Blogging is a lot of fun. In the blogging world it does not matter if you write well or not. You can just write (share) it regardless of whether anyone reads it or not.

Lastly, I know you and your readers like to travel. I have a section on my blog where I post pictures, once in a while, and let my readers guess the place. May be you and your readers would want to give it a try?

(Picture 1) Hint: City is in Europe and you can see the Parliament House here
(Picture 2) Hint: Sunshine and Beaches are synonymous with this place. 
I hope you all enjoyed this interview. Do not forget to check out A's blog here

But before I sign out ...
Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali 
and a prosperous New Year

May we all allow light to enter 
our homes and hearts today!