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On Cloud Nine

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Wearing (5) (15) (20) (25) from My Picks: 30 for 30

You can be as fit as you want to be! 

It's your brain that is keeping you from being 

in the best shape of your life and NOT your body.

- Christina Buzby 

This is for everyone who asks me to write about fitness. I think this topic is never going to leave my life. It is almost like I am married to it now. And it is not a good marriage 'coz I am putting in all the sweat and effort, literally! Jokes aside, it take a lot of discipline and determination for me even today, after 5 years to stay fit and make healthy choices. While at the grocery store, it seems to me like every single cake and all the chocolates and ice creams are shouting out to me. It takes every ounce of will power within me to turn away from them. BUT I do not win this battle every day. There are times when I end up eating more than the 'appropriate' portion or sleep really late or skip breakfast or worse - I do it ALL ... and regret it later. Slipping away once from the goals is a mistake, slipping twice is human, but the third time is pure SUICIDE! The ONLY solution I have for my problem is to workout

When I am at the gym, I mean business. I do not socialize, I do not watch television. I do not stroll on the treadmill flipping through magazines. I go in, do my workout and get home as soon as possible. I run a tight shift here, and on working days I do not have a second to spare! 

P.S. On the days I am lacking motivation I watch this or this and bounce right back to reality! 

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