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You can be as fit as you want to be! 

It's your brain that is keeping you from being 

in the best shape of your life and NOT your body.

- Christina Buzby 

This is for everyone who asks me to write about fitness. I think this topic is never going to leave my life. It is almost like I am married to it now. And it is not a good marriage 'coz I am putting in all the sweat and effort, literally! Jokes aside, it take a lot of discipline and determination for me even today, after 5 years to stay fit and make healthy choices. While at the grocery store, it seems to me like every single cake and all the chocolates and ice creams are shouting out to me. It takes every ounce of will power within me to turn away from them. BUT I do not win this battle every day. There are times when I end up eating more than the 'appropriate' portion or sleep really late or skip breakfast or worse - I do it ALL ... and regret it later. Slipping away once from the goals is a mistake, slipping twice is human, but the third time is pure SUICIDE! The ONLY solution I have for my problem is to workout

When I am at the gym, I mean business. I do not socialize, I do not watch television. I do not stroll on the treadmill flipping through magazines. I go in, do my workout and get home as soon as possible. I run a tight shift here, and on working days I do not have a second to spare! 

P.S. On the days I am lacking motivation I watch this or this and bounce right back to reality! 

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  1. I know how you feel while turning away from all those goodies....you should always applaud yourself every time you do so! :)
    And every time I see your gorgeous boots...I just wish I could wear stuff like these in India......but then, hard luck! So, am just content by LOOKING at them on your feet!! :))

    Happy 9th by the way....bring on the tenner!!!

  2. I completely agree with the quote! So true!! I am going to keep reminding myself of this as well...and I love these boots as well...hv been wanting to get flat boots for a while, totally happening when I am near the shops next!

  3. ur quote is so true..I need to somehow convince my brain of that!! more power to you!!

  4. You are a fabulous and disciplined woman! Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

  5. You're doing so great with the 30 for 30, I love checking your remixes out:)


  6. thanks for that quote! now i am very much enlightened!! i checked the link you check too when your losing some good motivation!

    Taradiddles of style on a budget

  7. THanks for the quote .. I am perfecttttttttttttttt

    and i wish i had so much committment when going to gym.. I need it all.. I just cant go there but when i am in then as u said i mean business and make sure its a proper workout.. but HOW do i get upo and GO .. thats a big hurdle :)


  8. So true, we can falter when it comes to food, but we gotta prevail and consistently work out!

    You are making me love those western boots!

  9. WOW, I admire your dedication babe, it takes lots of discipline to not be 'swayed' by the TVs and mags at the gym !. You look fabulous so all of your hard work has paid off :). Anyways, you look stunning as always, and I LOVE that pink necklace :)

    Wishing you a fabulous Friday


  10. What do I do when I am lacking motivation? I come to your blog of course :) Going to start yoga tomorrow.


  11. Tanvi-Ok how many pairs of shoes/boots do you have?? ha ha love these outfits posts...so fun and carefree. I too am obsessed with working out and fitness. I am back full swing with running. In fact going for a run in a bit :)
    Have a great weekend Tanvi.

  12. love the idea of watching something motivating!

  13. I understand the struggle but good health is worth fighting for, especially as we get older.

    In youth, being fit helps us look better; later on, it helps us stay healthy and live longer.

  14. Those videos sure are motivational! Keep it up Tanvi..Waiting for your tenth outfit :)

  15. i really like your banner!

  16. I agree, it IS your brain that tells you how fit you are. A friend and I were just having the same conversation last night.
    I love the bright pop of color the necklace adds to this ensemble!

  17. im gonna be so married to the treadmill.. MONDAY SE


  18. I work out every week but not as much as I should! I think you are I'm great shape. I love that necklace and those boots. Doing great on to day 10;). Have a great weekend!

  19. Awesome quote and i need to exercise more often:-(. Love the western inspired outfit-those boots are super cool! Have an awesome weekend!

  20. What motivation! Ugh and I just finished eating my way through an international luncheon at work. I better hit the gym soon!

    Have a great weekend, honey. Oh and love the outfit! Fab vest :)

  21. Gosh that necklace is so pretty. I love how it picks up the pink from the boots and makes the whole outfit come together. I can't wear big necklaces without being a little uncomfortable, need to work on that!

    As for working out, I realized one thing - you never feel bad/gross or like you wasted time if you work out, but if you don't you pretty much feel all those things! It's an easy choice :P

  22. You're so disciplined Tanvi! I'm finding it hard to do the fitness these days... Lovely outfit, too.

  23. My sister in law has gone through quite struggle with weight loss. I understand what you are going through. :)

  24. The first two pics are soo cute..you look like a really excited kid!! Being in shape is a continuous battle..sometimes you win, sometimes you lose..the important part is that you keep fighting..and you do a really good job with that :)

  25. Um, yeah... I haven't worked in a LONG time. I need to find a gym!


  26. Love the outfit! and I wish I had the motivation to go to the gym whenever I slip on my healthy living...

  27. I totally agree with Shibiker's comment.Deciplined life style is both healthy n wealthy.
    As we say Precaution is better than cure.
    You are beautifull dear.Ashish has done Master in PHOTOGRAPHY!!Amazing shots!

  28. I really wish I had your will power and motivation. It makes you such a stong person. I'm really considering starting doing joging when I get back to London and to start swimming when I'm here. I'm sooooooooo lazy though.

  29. cute outfit! love the pop of the necklace :) xx

  30. I love that necklace!! So pretty. I love your motivation too...sigh.


  31. After our talk, I realize I need to get dedicated about setting up a workout schedule..but until then, your 'quality of food' versus 'quantity of food' emphasis has made me drinking carrot and corriander soup, gulping green tea and eating boiled chicken sandwich! Like the vest and hairdo.



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