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Movie Review - Guzaarish

Dear All Non-Asian-Sub-Continent Readers this is a review for the latest Hindi Movie - GUZAARISH which released yesterday. So if you are not interested, please scroll down to the good stuff [outfit]. My fellow Hindi Movie Enthusiasts - Sit back and Enjoy. This one is worth it! 

"Guzaarish" is a celebration of human spirit. It is a story of Ethan [played by Hrithik Roshan] who was a famous magician up until he meets with a fatal accident which leaves him paralyzed and bedridden for next 12 years. During these years he is nursed by Sophia [played my Aishwarya Rai Bachchan] who is much more than his friend. Living in pain and suffering, since fourteen years after his accident, he decides to file a petition for Euthanasia with the help of his friend Devyani [played by Shernaz Patel]. In between he also meets a young boy Omar Siddiqui [played by Aditya Roy Kapoor] who wants to learn magic from the world's best magician - Ethan!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali [the director] has narrated the story with such sensitivity that you cannot help but feel the pain and joy, alike, of the characters. The movie is not morbid or depressing at any point. It makes you experience how the strength of the spirit is stronger than the body, but spirit alone is not enough to live a complete life! At no point the audience feels the need to indulge in the moral issue of Euthanasia. One simply views the movie as your would read a book and let the chapters transport you to the world created by the author. The music [also by Bhansali] and the background score also is spellbinding and well in sync with the mood and setting of the movie. 

I personally feel, Hrithik Roshan is like a mould of clay. You can twist and turn and bend and make him do anything. And with √©lan! He radiates joy, emanates sorrow, expresses anger and conveys excitement - ALL through his eyes and smile! If Kites brought him bricks Guzaarish will definitely bring him accolades and awards! 

Aishwarya, as we all know, is Bhansali's muse. No one can make her exude expressions, like Bhansali does. There are subtle nuances in her portrayal of this character which make her performance really special. Underplayed, but well played! [Not a fan, but I never shy away from giving credit where its due!] Every single member of the cast perform their role to the T, hence the final product looks good.

Bottom-Line: If you were to view only one Hindi movie from 2010, it should be Guzaarish. It will uplift your spirits and you will bring home a feeling which cannot be expressed! I say ... Go Watch It!

10 of 30
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