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Life's Motto No.293

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Embracing Autumn and it's colors...
Neck-wrap - UO [09']; Owl Necklace - Etsy [10']
Tights - Falke [10']
Wearing (2) (19) (29) from My Picks: 30 for 30

Whenever I mention to someone that I am originally from India and an immigrant in the United States, their first question [and rightly so] is, "Do you miss home?". I am never able to answer this question without a 5 second pause [which of course at that moment seems like an eternity!]. If I said, "No!" I would sound like a heartless bit** or someone who doesn't get along with her family. If I said, "Yes!" it would the other person in a sympathetic frenzy towards me which would annoy the hell outta me. Of course, there have been a certain Poha incidents in the history of this blog, which make me miss home. Festivals, weddings and family get-together can few incidences where I would wish for a millionth-of-the-second that I wish I was there ... But for the most parts, I would like to believe that I live in the moment and do not really miss anything. 

Life's Motto [#293] - What I have is the best, and where I am is like heaven! ... so there is no question of missing anything else. However, now after many such experiences, I have found a suitable answer which neither makes me look like a heartless bitch nor a pity-magnet. Here goes - "I am used to it now! And I visit home often!" Who cares how often I visit, at least they got a satisfactory answer and we can move on to other things now ... 

P.S. The only reason I said I looked drab yesterday was 'coz I was with zero-make up and that outfit had no experimentation or mixing-n-matching! It was, as simple as it gets! Right? 

P.P.S. Also, I appreciate that all of you ignore my spelling and minor grammar mistakes 'coz I know they exist. My BFF & Husband point them out to me whenever they think it is safe to mention it ;) 

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