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Life's Motto No.165

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I am a very non-curious, non-interfering kind of person. Here's how:

Friend/Family/or/Stranger to me, "You know what? I had tell you something ... (10 second pause) Hmmm ... Oh! Well, never mind ... may be some other time...". My reaction, "O.K." And I am back to doing whatever I was before the 'person' interrupted me and my thoughts! You could never annoy me with such tactics. On some occasions I might even seem unconcerned but I am really just minding-my-own-business. Since I always speak my mind [and when I don't I have a very good reason for it], I assume the same from other people. I am not a mind reader, and I always take people at face value. If you say, you are alright. I would assume you are and not nag you with, "Are you sure?!" If you say you are busy, I would believe you and never taunt you later about it. My Life's Motto [#165] - Live and Let Live! 

But do you think such liberties are returned my way? You guessed right! The answer is No! I do not know why people think giving other people a difficult time, or taunting them about some silly incidences from the past is a great ice-breaker or a conversation starter. Or worse, when people ask inappropriate or personal questions [like when are you going to have a baby!] to prove how close they are to you or how concerned they are about you. So I thought, instead of cribbing about it, I might as well help such 'challenged' people and give them some conversation starters' for future at least:-

1. You can talk about the weather but not for more than a minute
2. Talk about travel or about any recent vacation they might have taken [but do not ask which hotel they stayed in or how much was the room for!]
3. Ask about their work and future plans [but not in so much detail that it startes sounding fishy. And never ask anyone's salary!]
4. Discuss Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Fitness [Here you got your trump card - All-you-can-ask/talk-buffet]
5. If you are not from the same country/culture, you are free to exchange facts and features about it, too! 

These should help you sustain a conversation for at least one meeting. Rest, I am relying on the other party's social skills [:P]. Though I cannot expect every one I meet in my life to have read my blog [and this post!] but I submit this feature as my contribution in Public Interest. 

P.S. The Hairbun pictures are specially for Sheeba! Nothing fancy, just the usual bun-tying-technique ;)
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