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Let's get this party moving

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We finally got it going ... Yay! Can you tap on my excitement?
Ring - ASOS [10']; Trumpet Necklace - River Island [10']

Wearing (2), (3), (20) & (28) from My Picks: 30 for 30

Now that we have taken care of the business, can we talk about what is on my mind? Today, Upasna's Post got me thinking whether I am still a Daddy's girl or now have I converted to a Mumma's girl?!? I have always taken pride in being - Daddy's Girl! but now I feel the lines are getting blurry. Don't get me wrong when asked, "Who is your favorite parent?" I will still say 'Dad!' in a heartbeat, only 'coz I hate when people say, "Oh! both! How can you choose between the two?" or "It is such a difficult choice!" I force myself to choose just so I do not sound like others! [Rebel? Proudly, "Yeah!"

Anyhoo, but today I think I am a great amalgam of both! Here's how, 
1) I take risks [Like Dad] but I am very careful with money [Like Mom]
2) I am social [Like Dad] but uncompromising about my privacy [Like Mom]
3) I am easy going [Like Dad] and adaptable [Like Mom]
4) I am compassionate [Like Dad] and caring [Like Mom]
5) I am charming [Like Dad] and fashionable [Like Mom]

Hey! If you think I sound pompous, consider this - I am counting my parents' positives ;)
Oh! But I forgot to mention the most important one - 
6) I am a Travel-o-holic [Like Dad & Mom]

...But on second thought, aren't I too old to be Daddy's or Mommy's girl!? *hmmmmm*

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