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Gravity of this Challenge

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear
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Clearly I was mad about something ... *hmmm*
 ... or may be it was a 'Day for Frowning'
 I give up! Couldn't get a decent pose!
Wearing (5), (6) and (29) from My Picks: 30 for 30

It was Veteran's Day yesterday, here in the U.S., hence, husband had a day off. We decided to go shopping for him! It was a good proposition 'coz I am banned from shopping [for 27 more days], so we could pay complete attention to his 'shopping' needs. It was not until today that I realized the whole 'gravity' of this challenge. Although, I am not a BIG shopper ... I never go shopping with an agenda ['coz I have everything a human being could ever need to survive for the rest of her life, I really do] But when I find a something which I like and fits my budget, I find it hard to resist. This challenge is probably going to help me with 'that'!   

Closet Remix (III)
(I) November 08' (II) March 10' (III) February 10'
This is how I have worn this dress over the past years. I bought it for $10.00 [and change!] and I have definitely worn it enough number of times to get the worth for my money! 

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