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Gravity of this Challenge

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3 of 30

Clearly I was mad about something ... *hmmm*
 ... or may be it was a 'Day for Frowning'
 I give up! Couldn't get a decent pose!
Wearing (5), (6) and (29) from My Picks: 30 for 30

It was Veteran's Day yesterday, here in the U.S., hence, husband had a day off. We decided to go shopping for him! It was a good proposition 'coz I am banned from shopping [for 27 more days], so we could pay complete attention to his 'shopping' needs. It was not until today that I realized the whole 'gravity' of this challenge. Although, I am not a BIG shopper ... I never go shopping with an agenda ['coz I have everything a human being could ever need to survive for the rest of her life, I really do] But when I find a something which I like and fits my budget, I find it hard to resist. This challenge is probably going to help me with 'that'!   

Closet Remix (III)
(I) November 08' (II) March 10' (III) February 10'
This is how I have worn this dress over the past years. I bought it for $10.00 [and change!] and I have definitely worn it enough number of times to get the worth for my money! 

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  1. :) i love the way ya 've worn it feb 2010.. n Happy shoppin with hubby- once he shops, ya got a do a post with his new 'trousseau' ;) n yehh, happy resistin over de next 27 days.. it's almost like 3/4 an easter fast ;)

  2. i really am surprised at the completely different looks you have crated..really nice work Tanvi..kudos !!

  3. I love this avataar of the dress, the vest looks like it was meant to be worn like that...kudos to your self-control! I find it very very hard to not pick things up if I really like then and they don't break the bank!

  4. hey, nice pics. if yu have time read my blog also
    and do leave a comment. it is for a public cause and follow it in facebook too.


  5. You are the QUEEN of remixing! The dress looks so different - and what a bargain, too!

  6. That is such a great dress, it fits like a dream.
    What have you changed about your eyes today? They look beautiful. xxx

  7. Such a fantastic vest! That sort of piece will work back in with so many outfits...

    Ps: I think the giveaway I'm currently running will tickle your fancy!

  8. The dress is lovely & I especially love how you styled it in the July 09 pic.

  9. Loving the nautica kinda of look Tanvi..
    The stripy vest is super cute.
    Hope you helped your bubby with shopping w/out looking across the shop for shoes. hahah

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your rainbow legwarmers on you darling

    Keep in touch

    LOVE & Kisses

  11. Despite your self confessed not so good poses you looked great..hope you are not mad now :)

  12. I am loving your 30-30 outfits. my fav look is the one with the green jacket.

  13. Well.........I soooo think you're gonna rock this challenge! In fact, I think you'd have aced it in flying colors even if it was 10 for 100(instead of 30 for 30).......what with your amazing (read awesome, talented, super, perfect!) mixing & matching skills, you'd have made 100 different looks out of 10 items!!! :)
    Drop that shopping urge for now......& keep rocking!! :))

  14. What did you buy for your husband?

    Keep in mind everyday he has to take your pictures.

    I am very curious to know how he felt at shops....

  15. Hey, it's fun to read your blog. I think your poses are great, but I agree that walking is one of the trickiest ways to pose. Also really impressed with your multi-year mix up! :) Look forward to seeing more 30x30!

  16. You are a genius my darling! I had no idea this was the same dress!!
    ...I LOVE your Nov 08 and July 09 'remixes'! DAMN sexy!!

  17. lovely luk!!!
    like the way you have worn this dress so many ways!!!

  18. i love finding a cheap dress that will last forever and can be worn over and over in such a variety of ways! like a blank canvas to work off of! :)

  19. 10$? WOW!:) Its a steal :) Lovin' the green jacket :)
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Love July'09 the best. You are a genus at mixing and layering stuff

  21. Loving that dress on the bottom with the bright beads! Tanvi, that is too hilarious that you took your husband shopping since you can't go, I totally lol'ed! XX!

  22. This is a darling outfit! I'm going on week 3 of no shopping and it's soo hard! well maybe it's not that bad, but it's not easy! xo

  23. Love the remix collection, you look really pretty, even when frowning girl!

    Love the eye make up you've done & the cute sleek outfit.


  24. You've done a great job with the remix. Can't wait to keep reading and seeing all the great things you do.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  25. great outfit, I like the color of that skirt very much. have a nice weekend!

  26. That dress is a great staple to pull out and remix often. Hang in there- only 26 (or 27 depending on where you live)more days before you can shop!

  27. Your hubs must love all the attention! You are really doing well with your wardrobe shopping, Tanvi. Love this dress!

  28. Wow you certainly did get your money's worth! Love how you styled it every time. Such different looks. Amazing :)

    Happy Friday, sweetie! xoxo

  29. love those socks in nov '08 but your present look is veru chic! way to go... and keep up with the challenge! u can do it!

  30. I love this dress, is it denim??? And I also like this way of you showing how you wore something over the years, gives me some instant ideas for outfit remix with the similar items I have in my closet.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: Thanks for the comment today, it felt really strange to talk about something like that, not really sure why...

  31. Love the colors. Hope you're no longer injured!

  32. What a great bag <3 I absolutely love it!

    ♥ kisses ♥

  33. You look fab with frowning face(wink).
    Love the color of dress and pintex jacket.You are doing mix-match job in a gr8 manner.Bag is out standing.
    That means its 100%):
    God bless you!

  34. love the stocking

    and i am in love with your each look. trust me, you are one of the best dressers i have come across..
    i give u a new name: TANVEARING

    God Bless.

  35. I understand your pain! lol
    I'm feeling the "gravity" too. But I'm doing ok without shopping, but I am having a hard time taking pics every day, and I feel like I'm not fashionable everyday!
    Anyways...that is a steal of a deal! Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  36. Thanks for your comment :) I love your have a very unique and exceptionally fun sense of style! Look forward to seeing the rest of your 30...

    <3 Cambria

  37. Such a lovely dress, and looks like such a bargain! I love all the different ways you've worn it.

  38. when i saw this waist coat in your 30/30 closet..i was wondering that how you gonna wear that...i am not very much fan of waist coats...but i surely like how you wore love love your bag.

  39. Nice remix pics. I love the way you styled it on all of them. Your hair is so pretty. Have a great day.

  40. I'd say this dress was a fantastic purchase! Love the current and past looks, and can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  41. You look like a school girl with this one... Ready to go for your fashion internship meeting! Dress looks different everytime you wear it..

    Did he end up shopping? I just find it so challenging to get men's shopping done..SERIOUSLY! I have to make a sales pithc for everything.

  42. That vest is beyond amazing! Every week I host a thrifting link up, and I'd love for you to stop by and participate sometime!



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