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Grammar Lessons

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This is the outfit from Sunday evening and I was wayyyy too lazy to dress up!
So, please excuse my drab look! 
Winters have arrived by the way, and Kendi allows you to wear jacket without a penalty ;)
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Out of the total of 15 grandchildren I was the only one who had the privilege of learning (or rather being taught) by my Grandfather. He was an English Teacher and enjoyed teaching grammar and literature. Every day after he came back from his job [as a teacher/Principle], and took his afternoon nap, he would call me and have grammar-practice sheets ready for me. I was almost 2 classes [grades] ahead of my classmates as long as grammar was concerned. Also, felt very sly about it. I had heard about Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy from the age of 6 if I am not wrong. I am also the proud owner of my Grandfather's inheritance - His Books, published in or before 1950's. I couldn't believe no one else in my family [of 30 people] wanted them. Sure the pages are yellow, and the binding is barely holding it together, but they are my precious possessions. 

He always said that languages were meant to help people communicate effectively and express themselves, not to 'sound' intelligent. I distinctly remember that he always asked me (but I struggled) to keep my sentences short and avoid using 'and' 'but' 'also', unless absolutely necessary. Even today, his words are engraved in my brain - "Write in order to be understood." If you can say something in a sentence, do not write an essay about it. 

I have gone ahead and applied this lesson to my life in general as well. I dislike long discussions and arguments. Its my life's mission to constantly strive to improve the silence. Else, shut up! By the way, my poor grammar and/or writing skills do not reflect upon my Grandfather in any way! That is all my own doing **!

And before I forget - Guys, my lace up boots (25) [seen here] didn't work out. I had to return them back 'coz it didn't look like they were for the long haul. Hence, I have replaced them with these Burnt Red Boots for my 30 for 30. From here on these will be #(25).

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