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Fashion Bloggers' Husbands

Jacket - UO [10']; Necklace - Gift [Mother-in-law 10']
 Sweats - ASOS [10']; Shoes - Nine West [08']
 Running around on a Saturday Afternoon
 Flying a kiss to my handsome photographer! :)
Its at the Quarry Market. My favorite place in this city. 

My husband wants to open a blog for the - "Fashion Bloggers' Husbands". This weekend while I was browsing through the various blogs and sharing my thoughts about them with him, he goes, " I need to share my thoughts about this 'blogging thing' with other husbands. May be we can form a club or a blog!" And I thought that was funny. Now, isn't that an idea? :P I wonder if they would really talk about 'us' or just drink a pint of beer each! 

Talking of fashion bloggers, the other day I was chatting with my friend Deepti and we both agreed that blogging and bloggers have become an important part of our away-from-home-remote-homemaker-lives. Unlike 'real' life, bloggers do not take each other for granted [may be 'coz they do not want to lose their readership, but I would like to believe they really like me! So roll with me, will ya?]. As bloggers we discuss numerous topics and jump from one to the other as we check different blogs. Some of these things, we realized we had NEVER discussed with say 'real' friends. Chances are that a 'friend' on the other side of this screen knows more about me today than my any other friend [except the ones that do read my blog!] ... And not to forget that when you want to gossip talk about fellow bloggers/their blogs or style who else would you turn to, but a fellow blogger?

Anyhoo, how was your weekend?
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