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Fact or Fat?

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This is genuine. I have bruises to prove I almost fell! Things my husband makes me do! 
 Bangs - Specially for you Tamanna ;) 
 Belt - Thrifted [J Crew 10']; Necklace - Gift [Mother-in-law 10']
Wearing (17), (22) and (25) from My Picks: 30 for 30

We are quite on a roll here, aren't we? Getting back to the hectic cycle of consecutive posts! Oh well! Its all in the name of 30 for 30! Today, I went to see my friend and her daughters [you guys remember Ili, don't you?]. I hadn't seen her since our Bowling weekend back in September! So she called me yesterday. She, as in Ili, who is a 2 year old kid. "How did she call you?, you say. I am glad you asked. This is what happened - She found her mother's phone and went up to her and said, "Mom, call Tambi!". So I received a call from her the day before and I went to see the very next day. How could I resist? Have I mentioned how easy it is to gain my affection? It is THIS easy! I can move mountains for Ili now. My cute little princess! :)

In other news, I am FAT! No ... No ... Don't roll your eyes. I have excess fat and hence I am FAT! And as far as logic goes - This is a fact! Hence, I am right! 

Me - I am fat!
Husband - No, you are not!
Me - Yes! I am! I look FAT in these jeans. 
Husband - You are wearing them, right? 
Me - Yes! [** Duhh!]
Husband - You had no trouble getting them up?
Me - Err... No! 
Husband - Hence, you are NOT fat!
Me - You don't know anything. I am FAT![** Darn! As far as logic goes - This is a fact too! But does that make him right?] 

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