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Eight-Fold Path!

1:01 AM

8 of 30
 There are days when I do not like my bangs and want to be able to see my whole face! 
 Hairband - J.Crew [10']; Necklace - Francesca's [09']
Wearing (4) (17) (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

Has it only been 8 outfits so far? I feel like I have been on this challenge since forever! This is so typical of me ... I start everything with an enthusiasm and then slowly it starts losing its charm. No, No .. Don't worry! I am not about to quit it ... just stating my 'state of mind'. 

Eventually I just complete everything I start because I do not want to lose face in front of everyone! [Aren't I making this whole thing over dramatic!?!?!] It is a challenge in itself to keep me motivated throughout the whole 'challenge' (task!) .... Anyhooo, let's move on ... 

So, is it just me 
does anyone else wish it was Friday already?

By the way, the title of the post has nothing to do with the post itself. I was just trying to be symbolic about the 'eighth' outfit. But there is an eight-fold path laid out by Siddharth Gautama [Buddha]. To read more click here

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  1. yeah most of us are like that, starting a thing enthusiastically end up getting bored of it ...:P

    I like your boots & the neck thing.

  2. I admire you for even attempting this challenge, Tanvi! I love your hair worn back off your face and those boots are fabulous. xxx

  3. Bangs or no bangs you look fab always! I always wish it's Friday!

  4. I love hair bands too, to me, they add the extra oomph to an otherwise "boring" hair day :)

    Thanks for the 8th fold info

    Much Appreciated
    xoxo :)

  5. Keep going girl! I love that you're doing this challenge, and you look good doing it too. You know i love stripes... and i'm obsessed with your boots! Gorgeous!

    Also wishing it was Friday, it nearly is though!

  6. You certainly look cute, but the real appeal of your blog to me is your "voice." I was reading a lot of your old posts yesterday, and in each one, your voice comes through clearly and distinctively. The thoughts you have, the ways you express them, and your candor in telling us your feelings are refreshing, interesting and entertaining. Keep it up!

  7. Loving the necklace and boots! You're on a roll dear!

  8. keep at it! I love these boots...look comfortable and super stylish!

  9. All about the boots today and love yours! :)

  10. I like how you layered the necklaces. I loved your outfit #7. Your skin is glowing in that picture.

  11. I love these boots, so perfectly rustic looking. And I used to be exactly like that but now I am changing little by little. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  12. pretty pics! i love your hair all up (i think i've told you that before). friday is almost here :)

  13. You know, I am honestly SHOCKED that I still update my blog, because I am exactly the same way when I start new things. Which is why I'm afraid to do the 30 for 30 challenge! Keeping up with my blog is hard enough!

    As for Indian food, we've been going to the newly opened Bombay Bistro buffet, which is on S.Lamar/360, Brodie Oaks shopping center next to Pei Wei.


  14. Well.....even I tend to get a bit bored about things when they stretch for a long time.....but we are all there to cheer you on on this one babe! So....keep rocking!!! :))

  15. YES i know exactly what you mean! i'm on day 11...which means 19 more outfits. 19?!?!?!?! dying here....!

  16. hey i discovered ur blog again !!! i read it like ages ago .. didnt a blogger id or anything to folow u ... and discovered u again tdy .. i am so glad i did ... i read ur post why i started blogging .. and guess wat we sail on the same boat .. haha...


  17. i also have this tendency of losing interest slowly...
    i like your cool chic look..specially accessories here !

  18. You can do it!!!
    the boots and necklace is really chic!!

  19. Those boots are amazing!!! And yes I so wish it were Friday :) xoxo

  20. That is so funny, I have been rockin' the headband lately too! Fabulous boots, you look gorgeous! XX!

  21. he, love that necklace and the hairdo :)

  22. The necklace shows up well on this top. And if you need some motivation to stay on this challenge we're here to give you some. Just that you've taken it on is amazing.

  23. Hah..I know what you mean by losing interest gradually..but you're doing well!! :) Your headband is too cute!!

  24. You are so right! Betty is so incredibly moody and she just gets worse and worse as the season goes on!
    So are you from Texas also?? I just saw that!
    I am loving your boots in this outfit post, so cute!!


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  25. It's a tough challenge, but you are doing marvellously, Tanvi. Another great outfit!

  26. Those boots are killer lady! And never fear...Friday is almost here!

  27. loved the necklace and the tshirt!
    blogrolling you, if you dont mind!! :)

  28. Love your boots. I thought you took those back, glad you didn't because I love them. You look like a little girl. Love it all. On to number 9!

  29. I would go crazy for those boots! Just fabulous!
    xo tash

  30. First off, BIG CONGRATS on going well over 100K hits!!
    Love your outfit and love your boots! Only 22 more to go....
    :)Meetu D

  31. I can be like that too about certain things I start, for instance my juicer! Have I touched that thing in months? I'll never tell, but I'm not giving up on it! Great look ;) xo

  32. It's friday for me in 20 minutes woo hoo!! Oh crap...I should probably get to bed soon then haha.

    PS - Love the outfit! Happy weekend :D

  33. Hey,your blog has crossed 100,000.Congrates!
    Stripes facinate.
    Enjoy all the comliments.

  34. Hehe, I usually start projects with enthusiasm, but then feel they go on for ages as well. But I hate giving up anything!
    You're doing great on this project. I love your boots.

  35. You're doing great:-). Love the headband and the brown and blue combo!

  36. You can do it you can do it..!!! I just feel everything you wear is different and new...!!!

    I REALLY...REALLY liked the way you worked on the photos..just gives this mood to it that goes with your expressions..and you have made me revisit the brown that's lying in my wardrobe...(which i put behind coz anish was like you wear BROWN allll the time and since then I just stopped...)!!



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