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Diwali Cleaning

 Cargos - Zara [06']; Booties - Steve Madden [09']
Cardigan - Old Navy [08']; Top - Anthropologie [09']
Mr. & Mrs. Fabulous

There is nothing like a weekday date! Lately, the weather has been divine in Texas with warm sun, cool breeze and just a little bit of chill in the air. In order to appreciate this magical weather, we decided to treat ourselves to some delicious Caesar Salad and Thin crust Figs Pizza [green apples as one of the toppings = Delicious!]. In case you are wondering, "What's that got to do with the title of the post?" ... Well, keep reading ;)

Most people who have even a remote interaction with Indians or have ever been to India would know the Hindu festival of Lights called - Diwali. This year it is falling on 5th November. The date varies every year as it is according to the Hindu Calendar which has nothing to do with 365 days or January-December! Anyhoo, before Diwali most household indulge in Diwali Cleaning, i.e. getting the house repainted, buying new clothes, utensils, or furniture. You can compare it to the 'Spring Cleaning' in rest of the world, only much more elaborateHowever, the cleaning-maniac that I am, my house doesn't need Diwali [or Spring] cleaning. It is cleaned thoroughly every week! However, as you might have noticed, I did get my other home [this blog] a makeover in the name of Diwali Cleaning by the ├╝ber talented Shari from Little Blue Deer. She has an impeccable taste and eye for design.

Other than that I did get one of the walls painted in my living room in a claypot-red color. A simple change seems to have infused a new life in our home. Have a look...

Also, can I be super 'sexist' and take a moment to 
Thank all my 'male' readers. I know this is, predominantly a very 'girly' blog with discussions mostly about fashion, snippets of food/recipes and of course do not forget my regular banter, but I appreciate all my readers of the opposite sex who make themselves heard read and are secure enough to put a name to their valuable thoughts and opinions.

Lastly, my husband read the fabulous feedback his 'blogging-idea' got on the last post. I do not think He was serious about it ... but I am quite sure our household cannot handle two blogging addicts! 

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