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Channeling Top Gun

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 Don't I look like the female version of Tom Cruise from Top Gun? No?, Well O.K. then!
 Trumpet Pendant - River Island [10']
 Now, only if I knew how to fly! Only, if!
Wearing (7) (8) (11) and (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

We went to see a Bodybuilding Show yesterday morning. Why? Well, will tell that later, but for now ... you guys ... I feel like a lump of lard after seeing those toned fit bodies! They had muscles in parts which I didn't know human body had! It amazed to see what human body is capable of and what we can achieve with a little bit [actually A LOT!] of dedication and discipline. 

One of my ex-fitness trainer and a dear friend, Christina was participating in that competition for the Bikini Round ... and man! she looked HOT. She was the best trainer I had ever had. I would move back to Austin just to get a chance to workout with her. But unfortunately husband trumps over trainer [meh!] and hence I have to live without her! Anyhoo, I shall return to my bed and continue to sulk in my miserable body and dream of those abs which I will never see in this lifetime ...

P.S. The show was at the Air Force Base [hence the pictures' location!]. 
P.P.S. Get a better look at my awesome boots here.

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