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Black & Blue

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Where am I? - "Don't ask!"
Also, excuse my wrinkled shirt! 
Belt - Express [07']
Wearing (20) (24) (27) from My Picks: 30 for 30

I think I am a transparent person. I am incapable of pretending to like things (or people) I don't. My logic is, why complicate life? Just be yourself and let everyone like (or not!) the 'real' you! 

Right till our mid 20's, we all suffer from the disease of gaining the 'world's approval' and have an uncontrollable need to be liked by everyone or please everyone. Today, I can safely say, that I am quite ahead on my path where it doesn't bother me that someone doesn't like me. It is impossible to be liked by one and all, so why even set yourself up for disappointment? I am comfortable in my skin. I am enjoying my life's journey of constant learning and making amends. I am not afraid to voice my opinions but then I am not ashamed to say that they change as I grow older [wiser?!?] either ... So its okay if you do not like me or agree with me, I respect your opinion. And I know, thanks to the wisdom [!] gained, that it is, in fact too much to expect the same in return!

Here are the kind of people I don't like - 
People who ask: How much do you earn? Which hotel did you stay at? How much did you buy this for? etc. People who never let you have a word in the conversation. People who pretend to be goodie two shoes, while their heart is filled with malice. People who take credit for your hard work. People who feel better about themselves by criticizing you. People who never offer to spilt the bill [Never!]. Oh! and people who check my blog daily and pretend they had never heard of it [:P]! 

Would you like to add something to my list?

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