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15 Realizations since...

15 of 30
Wearing (14) & (27) from My Picks: 30 for 30

15 Realizations since I started this Remix!
1. I can do anything if I really want to
2. I do not miss shopping as much as I miss my other clothes which I am not using
3. I love my shoes! All of them ... [*giggle*]
4. This challenge is not as hard as I had imagined it to be
5. I like mini projects like such
6. It is harder to dress on days when you do not have to get out of the house
7. I chose a lot of browns, blues and blacks in this remix [unintentional!]
8. 90% of the motivation for this challenge come from the readers and their daily interest!
9. Outfits which look good in the mirror don't look as good on the camera and vice versa
10. I should have added more skirts to the remix 
11. I probably wouldn't wear these 30 items all winter after this challenge [except the boots!]
12. It sucks that I had an out-of-town trip in between this challenge
13. I am proud of the fact that I packed only item from My Picks: 30 for 30
14. I might be the one who coins the term 'binge-shopping' soon after this challenge is over
15I wish this would end soon now ...!

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