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Want Vs Need

Need to make this my Life's Motto! There seems to be no end to my WANTS! Agrh!
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For all those who asked: 

All my photographs are taken by my Husband [unless I am on a holiday without him, then whoever is accompanying me takes them - i.e. Friends, Mom, Brother, etc.]. I edit them with whatever little amateur knowledge I have.

I do not know how I remember the years and shops of all my purchases except that I just do! It might have a little something to do with all the almonds we were forced to eat (Hi! Mom) every morning without fail...And now over to the pictures!

I am not frowning! It is the sun! *Really!*
 Pink Tunic - Massimo Dutti [05']
 Jeggings - J Brand [10']
 Shoes - Me Too [09']
Trumpet Necklace - River Island [10']

By the way, I seem to have miraculously been cured of my 'Blogging Addiction'. Good news is that I would not have to join a Blog-a-holic Anonymous any more. I can actually get through more than 2 days without posting my random thoughts and ramblings [Yay!]. However, the bad news it I still might have to sign up for Shopaholic Anonymous soon! REAL SOON!