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"Take 10" with Sonali

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This is my second interview in the series of "Take 10". Here I ask 10 random questions from one of the fellow bloggers and hope that they shall oblige! 

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Today I have decided to pick the brains of Sonali fromBollywood Style Diaries who has a flourishing 'celebrity' style blog where we all hang out and indulge in a little harm-less-criticism on our beloved Indian Celebrities. Over past couple of months I have come to know Sonali very closely, as often our discussions [and/or disagreements!] move from the 'public' comment section to our 'inbox' where we go to-and-fro on all topics - Fashion-to-Philosophy (introspection)! She is one of the wittiest bloggers I know with an honest opinion and a warm heart. And I adore her to death! *put your hand together for Sonali!*

- Describe yourself in one word.

Tanvi- What is that 'one' rule that can never be broken in your household? 

Sonali - I start my weekdays with a glass of hot milk. what can I say? I need the calcium:-) So there might not be anything to eat in the house, but you will always find milk in the fridge!!
Tanvi - Out of the three characters from the sitcom "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." with whom do you relate the most? 
SonaliA little bit of this and that ... and not just the three characters ... On Mondays, I am usually spaced out like Phoebe. I surface around noon when I realize that I am sitting in someone's office and my co-worker is starting to hyper ventilate! By Tuesday, I realize there is no way out but to do my job. I go all nerdy and geeky like Ross and code away... Who isn't a Joey on Friday? Thinking about all the nice restaurants to eat over the weekend and saying "how u doing" to everyone in the hallway. My co-workers generally avoid me on this day.

At some point over the weekend, I go nutso like Monica and scream at my hubby and kids as to why they cant keep the house clean? Next 30 or so mins, I throw kids/hubby into the backyard and everything on the floor into closets and viola! my house is all neat and tidy. More than cleanliness, I cant stand clutter ... Then I deflate and come back to life on Monday:-)
Preity Zinta

Tanvi - If your life was to be made into a Movie, what title would choose? And which actress would you pick, to immortalize you? 
Sonali - Title - "Born to shop, Forced to work" and preferably played by Preity Zinta or Kajol:-)

Tanvi - What's your pick - Street Fashion or High End Fashion? And Why? 

Sonali - My personality style is High end fashion but my budget is Street fashion!! My High End fashion buys are usually handbags and "oh my god I love it I must have it NOW " items. For daily wear and trendy stuff, I go with Street fashion buys.

 - What is your idea of a "fun" girl's day out? 
Sonali - Spending the day at the beach followed by dinner at a nice sushi place, then dancing at a club that plays good bollywood music. Ending the night with coffee and Ghirardelli's Hot fudge brownie sundae.

Tanvi - What does your family think about your Blogging 'hobby'? 
Sonali - "A complete waste of time" :-)

Tanvi - What do you 'dislike' most about blogging?

Sonali - It eats into my sleep-time.

Tanvi - Who is the best dressed celebrity in your books? And why?
Sonali - Soniya Mehra and Sonam Kapoor. Both of them tend to experiment a lot with their clothes, hair and makeup.

Soniya Mehra and Sonam Kapoor
Tanvi - Your thoughts on Life and Fashion. 

Wow!! Seriously, my deepest thoughts are does these jeans make my butt look fat:-)
I try to live my life to the fullest guided by these core principles.
1) Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.
2) No amount of success outside can compensate for failure at home.

3) Don't do things out of fear - fear of bad karma, fear of "what goes around, comes around", fear of traditions. Do whats right by you.


Fashion is fun and all about experimenting with colors, prints, silhouettes and proportions... If I like what I see in the mirror, I will run with it - just no cleavage, minis or micros, sneakers or flats. Fashion is important to me but it is not end-all and be-all.

I enjoy interacting with Sonali immensely, I hope you all enjoyed it too!
Thank You, Sonali for your time (and humor!) 
Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  1. Oh sweet, I do love her blog! I like learning more about my fellow bloggers, great post, Tanvi! XX!

  2. I love Sonali and her wit! She's one of my must-reads. I guessed she'd be as fresh and funny as she comes across in her blog. Nice work, Tanvi! xxx

  3. You need to interview not so fabulous men bloggers too :)

  4. I love this series, Tanvi! It's so great to find out about other bloggers. I didn't know of her before but I'm definitely going to go check her out now :)

    Happy weekend, love! xoxo

  5. Hey! Thanx for an insight into the minds of all our lovely fellow bloggers Tanvi! Waiting for more to come..... :)

  6. Thanks for such a sweet introduction!! u r awesome !!! I had a blast answering ur questions.

  7. Oh, I love her blog! She's such a doll. :) This is a great interview. I love the name of her "movie." Hehe! ;)

  8. I loved reading this! It's so much fun reading and finding out more about bloggers.

  9. Oh, another 'Take 10' project... Love the interview and Sonali's answers!
    (and Tanvi, sorry, I didn't want to create more work for you :)

  10. She's the best and what a sweetheart! xoxo

  11. I love the answer to the friends questions! So funny, but she's also dead on with her comparisons.

  12. :) good one... the friends answer is great! for the first time someone has picked three characters. it's awesome!

  13. Great interview..
    Definitely going to check her blog out

  14. I LOVE Sonali! :) Her sense ofhumour, fashion critiques and her honesty! Love her! :)

  15. Great interveiw Tanvi!! I love everything about this site. I've checked her out before and goi g there now.

  16. i enjoy Sonali's blog not just for the celeb pictures and a chance to opine on their style .. I like her blog because of her own comments on them, some are really funny!

    Nice fun interview :)

  17. I really like her!

    Where were people like her when we were in school? We had a bunch of interesting 'limited editions' didn't we?

    Well I totally relate to her relating to all the characters of Friends and Sonam Kapoor is the girl!



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