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Munni Badnaam à la Tanvi

1:01 AM

I am sure everyone living in India has heard this song. If you haven't then you must be living under a rock. As for my Non-Indian [Non Desi] audience it is a popular number from a Hindi Movie - Dabangg which had released last month. I had even done a review for it here

Often during the day when I am done with all my work and errands I spend my time in my closet [no pun intended!] making new outfits out of my old clothes. I have been doing this since my childhood. However, now with time the frequency of this activity has reduced to once in several months but back in school I used to have my own tea-party in my room almost everyday [Dressing up and pretending to be in a party!]. 

Till the age of 16 my parents were really strict and I was not even allowed to go to my friends' house. I was only allowed to stay out as long as there was Sun. I had to be back home before sun set. Why am I telling you this? Well, this didn't allow me to have much social life [unless my Mom was accompanying me everywhere!] hence, I indulged in many activities which didn't require company [writing poems, reading books, playing - dress up!]. Catch my drift? 

Anyhooo, I still enjoy doing all these activities and just like my childhood I am still required to entertain myself during the day ... till Husband gets back from work. 

 Munni Badnaam à la Tanvi
Skirt worn as Dress - Fab India [Delhi, 05']
Belt - Thrifted [J.Crew 10']; Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Bracelet - Gift [Mom 09']
Necklace - No Store! [10']
Just to spell it out 
[for those who didn't get the point of my long libretto above]
I didn't really wear this outfit anywhere. 
I was just dressing up for my own entertainment
The previous two times when I have done 'it' on this blog is 
here and here!

Enjoy the Weekend, everyone!

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  1. the song ..and your dress.

    tu item bomb hui darling tere liye :)

  2. yeay! we do that somedays... liking the trendy accessories with the very indian print!

  3. That is such a beautiful dress! I just found your blog today and I'm glad I did, I love it!



  4. I think a lot of us Indians had a similar kind of childhood but see it made you creative and you have a great style :)
    I still haven't seen Dabang :(
    nobody wanted to see it "read husband" but now my mum is visiting and she and I are going next week :):)
    I necklace has an Indian feel to it and beautifully complements the munni outfit

  5. u look very nice! Love how u wore the skirt as a dress!

  6. Nicely done Munni, I haven't played dress up in like a year!!! I really must :) Love love love that necklace!

  7. My Tanvivacious... I think it's a crime to look so sublime and not be seen nor be the scene...:) !! Total showstopper!!! Gorgeous, SEXY as all get! least us lucky readers / fans get to see you!

    Love the green accessories, the shoes, the nail polish, everything! and your shoulders...sigh...

    I also very much love these photographs!

  8. I love dressing up for fun as well. And love the way you wore the skirt.

    Hehe, my mum used to only let me out during daylight hours when I was younger as well.

  9. If my parents had been more strict maybe I would have learned to be more creative!! I love the way you're wearing this skirt as a dress, I think it works really well :)


  10. love love love this look and i soooo badly need that necklace Tanvi. It's beautiful. love it!
    And a little secret I do the dress-up too :P

  11. 'Munni Banaaam hui, darling tere liye'. That song is like my guilty pleasure you know?
    Alsooo, love the skirt. Fab india is awesome no? The necklace goes really well with it.


  12. Nice pictures, Munni is surely getting so much competition from you ;-) Or may be you are the WINNER !!

  13. I have not seen the movie. Indian parents have different standards for girls and boys....sorry but it is true. But it is ok. Delhi is not so safe and for that matter several parts of India.

    Good pics. Who is the photographer?

  14. lovely pics you look stunning! and it's always good (for the self) to get some entertainment going off and on :)

  15. Ha! You can't beat a skirt worn as a dress. What should we call it? A skress or a Dirt?
    You are looking fantastic, your hair looks amazing. xxx

  16. Love the first pic the most hon! The skirt is really pretty. I think it'd have been totally outdoorsy if there was a better fit at the bust, what say? Which, is easily doable anyway! :) So yeah, Munni, you rocking it!

  17. Love the first pic the most hon! The skirt is really pretty. I think it'd have been totally outdoorsy if there was a better fit at the bust, what say? Which, is easily doable anyway! :) So yeah, Munni, you rocking it!

  18. Cool necklace!
    it matches the dress perfectly ;)

    Castor Pollux

  19. love the last pic:-) I WANT THE NECKLACE!!its so fab!! and the dress is great too - u cant go wrong with fab india:-)

  20. I do the dress up thing too! With my new clothes, I try them on in different combinations (yes even the shoes.....)


  21. You look MAGNIFICENT dearest Ranvi, and your Mom sounds as strict as my Mom, ha ha ha :)), Love always, Jemina, xoxo

  22. I do the same thing. Normally I just look like a bum during the day, or way overdressed. I never heard that song before, or seen dancing like that. I like it!

  23. wow...a dress from a skirt..and it looks absolutely fab!! very indian-chic :)

  24. oh and one more thing..Im still drooling over malaika's maang tikka...aren't they gorgeous?

  25. aww you're beautiful and that necklace is absolutely AMAZING!
    xo tash

  26. You look gorgeous! You should absolutely go out somewhere, you are looking absolutely stunning, this is one of my favorite outfits! XX!

  27. I can already hear the song in my head. Your dress is very pretty - adore all the colours, but nothing beats your beautiful smile!
    Have a nice weekend. XX

  28. Hey Tanvi you looked sooo pretty. I was gone all day and missed out on this beautiful fit you wore. I love your shoes and I love your dress and I love your hair! Perfection. Please forgive me for my absence yesterday. You were truly missed.

  29. WOW! I really liked the way you played around with the skirt. And I HEART the necklace. You look like a New Age Maharani.

  30. Gorgeousness!!! Absolutely stunning! You must wear it out :)

  31. i have such a soft spot for indian movies - i'll definitely check that one out!

    also, I LOVE fabindia! i have a dress i bought at the khan market location, i'll have to feature it in an outfit post soon :)

  32. Loving the look and with the accessories too. Fab!!!

  33. munni could see what an uber cool version u play here of her!
    looking fab...
    love ur neck piece n innovation with the skirt:-)

  34. That necklace is ridiculously gorgeous!

  35. I was thinking that dress looks very desi. of course it's from India. But the necklace is from asos though the pendant part totally looks like a kundan jewelery, no???

    Would you laugh if I say I used to do the exact same thing when I was growing up, every single day until my parents came home!!! Us poor desi girls!!!

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  36. This was a good idea! you look hot :D
    love the nailpolish aswell

  37. hi,
    tried this idea today, but wore a shrug under, just in case my toddler tugged at it!too warm for a tee.
    My mum used to pick me up everyday from college when i was doing my M.Sc. My prof used to wonder what she would have done if she had more than one daughter!



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