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Munni Badnaam à la Tanvi

I am sure everyone living in India has heard this song. If you haven't then you must be living under a rock. As for my Non-Indian [Non Desi] audience it is a popular number from a Hindi Movie - Dabangg which had released last month. I had even done a review for it here

Often during the day when I am done with all my work and errands I spend my time in my closet [no pun intended!] making new outfits out of my old clothes. I have been doing this since my childhood. However, now with time the frequency of this activity has reduced to once in several months but back in school I used to have my own tea-party in my room almost everyday [Dressing up and pretending to be in a party!]. 

Till the age of 16 my parents were really strict and I was not even allowed to go to my friends' house. I was only allowed to stay out as long as there was Sun. I had to be back home before sun set. Why am I telling you this? Well, this didn't allow me to have much social life [unless my Mom was accompanying me everywhere!] hence, I indulged in many activities which didn't require company [writing poems, reading books, playing - dress up!]. Catch my drift? 

Anyhooo, I still enjoy doing all these activities and just like my childhood I am still required to entertain myself during the day ... till Husband gets back from work. 

 Munni Badnaam à la Tanvi
Skirt worn as Dress - Fab India [Delhi, 05']
Belt - Thrifted [J.Crew 10']; Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Bracelet - Gift [Mom 09']
Necklace - No Store! [10']
Just to spell it out 
[for those who didn't get the point of my long libretto above]
I didn't really wear this outfit anywhere. 
I was just dressing up for my own entertainment
The previous two times when I have done 'it' on this blog is 
here and here!

Enjoy the Weekend, everyone!
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