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Movie Review - The Social Network

Those of you who follow me on Twitter must have heard of my recent purchase of a Panini Griddle and man! have I been going crazy with it! It has been Carbs-Galore in our household. But by far the best purchase of the year!

Some of my twists with Panini! Feast your eyes ;)

And this is how I had dressed for a Saturday afternoon with my husband! 
Dress - Gift from a friend [Megha 10']; Belt & Hair Band - Target [08' - 10']
Wrist band - Self made [10']; Rings - Charlotte Russe [10']
Shoes - From Tehran [07']

We went and saw the Matinee show of the movie - The Social Network last afternoon. It is the story of Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg), the creator of Facebook. He is shown to be shrewd, aggressive and ambitious. The movie rotates around his achievements, growth, fame and consequential lawsuits, mostly due to his personality! 
And the biggest irony is that he goes on to create a social network while his own social skills were quite skim!

Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield) is his best friend and the co-founder of Facebook,  Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss (both played by Armie Hammer) are his seniors who sue him on the grounds of Intellectual Property been stolen from them. Lastly, Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake) is the catalyst who eventually helps the company expand and rock Mark's relations with Eduardo. For me the casting of the movie was done to perfection. 

David Fincher's direction is top-notch and is provided with a razor sharp script by Aaron Sorkin. It doesn't take a genius, to give the movie a benefit of doubt, that probably the incidents have been dramatized a little for our benefit. All said and done this 'version' of Mark Zuckerberg's story makes for a great the cinematic experience. 

Bottom-line - Must Watch!

P.S. We also saw Let Me In which is supposed to me a horror/thriller which was a total disappointment and not worth more than these 2 lines or any more of my time!