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How cool is this? Color coding your own mini book collection? I am so inspired by this image right now that I feel like dropping everything I have lined up for the day and instead start tweaking my tiny book cabinet. *Wonder if I have enough books to color code them?* We wouldn't know unless we find out, now would we? Hmmm! 
Sent to me by my BFF [Anita!]
If I wasn't straight [and/or married] I would totally marry her! ;)
I have the sweetest and the best-est [I know its not a word! but you know what I mean, don't you?] friends in the whole wide world. First this, and now this...

One random afternoon, Anita [Who is Anita? Read hereasks me if I had received the parcel she had sent? I start wondering ... "Hmmm, why is she sending me a parcel?". My Birthday is not until February next year [take note everyone! I accept cash and gift cards ;)], my anniversary just went by in July, I also checked if it was Friendship Day somewhere in the world I wasn't aware of ... Nope! Nothing. Then is struck me 'Dang!', "She must have sent me the new Shopaholic book!" and I was right (which is the most important part of this story, by the way ... hehe]! You see, she had told me that it had come out in Dubai in early-September but when I checked at my nearby Borders [book store] it was not coming out until October in U.S.A. So naturally, she didn't want me to be left out and hence she sent it to me pronto ... which was last month... [How sweet right?! ... I know!

Back in the day we used to read the same books at the same time and call each other in between and discuss, "What the 'F' is going on with 'XYZ' character in the book?!?!" ... "How can he cheat one her!?! Noooo!" and the classic while reading Eat Pray Love "We, too, need to run away and find our identity!" and we both had 'just' got married [to our respective husbands, of course!in 2007 when the book had come out! We were so silly ... and still are! We still have plans to move to a remote beach somewhere, open up a beach-side bar and spend our lives [away from technology, shoes and bags] sipping mojitos, sun bathing and working only when we ran out of money ... and then go back to sipping mojitos ... again! It is a fabulous plan, if you ask me!

Coming back to the Mini Shopaholic, ... I was gonna do a book review since I haven't done that in ages now but now I couldn't be bothered. The book is not worth it ... This is the third consecutive book by Sophie Kinsella in last three years that I haven't liked much and worse this was supposed to be one from her 'Shopaholic' series and after a longgggg time! Total waste of my time! Bummer

However, on the bright side I have been reading again, ferociously! On Monday 23rd August I had confessed about not having read a single book since March 2010. Ever since the confession, the guilt was eating me alive. How can I possibly not read for that long? Less T.V., Less online shopping [*cough.cough*] and more reading! 

This is what I have read since August 23rd 2010 :
Man Woman and Child by Erich Segal
Someone Special by Sheila O'Flanagan
Bitches on a Budget by Rosalyn Hoffman
Life of Pi by Yann Martel 
and last
Mini Shopaholic by Shophie Kinsella

Yay! for more reading! 
... and may be ... a little less blogging!?!? ;)

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