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Feeling Retro

For some reason this song (and movie) is bringing out the Retro in me!

On Friday we visited San Antonio Art Festival. It was a beautiful day with some amazing art. If I didn't have budget constraints I would have returned with many paintings, a few portraits, and definitely few artistic furniture pieces. Oh! Well. Next time. 
Ready to strut my way through
Shirt - Husband's
Leggings - BDG [10']
One of the artists' at the Art Festival said I looked like a fricking "Movie Star"!
... Clearly I am Happy to play the part! :)
No matter what the topic, I am always expressing it 'this' passionately! 

Just like designing, I believe styling is a form of ART. I strongly believe that 'art' cannot be defined as everyone has their own version of it ... Also, because for every rule there is an exception. Just because one prefers Monet over Picasso doesn't make either of their art any 'less or more'. And I doubt that they would have painted any differently even if they knew the opinions of their 'disapprovers' [...would they?].  

As bloggers ... at least as fashion bloggers, we give [and receive] many compliments and much adulation. However, once in a while when some's style is not appealing to my sensibilities I restrain myself from criticizing and comment purely on the basis of whether the person wearing the clothes is doing justice to them or not. Also, I strongly believe that fashion bloggers are not blogging to get approval from their readers but are only showcasing their 'art' [unless they mention otherwise!]. As long as one wears their clothes with panache and confidence [Lady Gaga!] and everything that requires covering is covered who am I to give any advice?  

Any thoughts?

P.S. On popular demand, I have added more pictures from my Scotland trip on my Facebook Page
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