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Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - Part II

5 Fall/Winter Looks
Look 6 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (I)
I love this sleeveless sweater. Got is last season. 
It has a zipper at the back see here
Continued below
Look 6 (continued) - Smart Casual Travel Wear (II)
However, a Coat was mandatory for the weather. 
Finished the look with a Pashmina scarf. 
Look 7 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (III)
The best thing about being a tourist is that you can be insanely colorful. 
I love the fall colors but every once in a while I need my bright colors back. 
Interesting fact - I am wearing this dress inside out. 
Took out the brand tag, and washing instructions meticulously. 
No one came to know. 
Look 7 (continued) - Smart Casual Travel Wear (VII)
For those you do not like wearing sporty shoes and are about to critic me ... 
let me stop you right there ... When you are traveling,
nothing is more important than comfort. Nothing!
Again, the weather demanded I wear my coat. 
And that's a bright pink pashmina again!
Look 8 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (IV)
Okay! So now we had a relatively sunny day. 
Hence, I brought my mini skirt out 
but wore is with checkered stocking and high knee socks. 
And do not forget the boots. 
These are the most comfortable boots in the world!
Look 9 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (V)
This is my favorite sweater. Has such a Covent School touch to it. 
I have been wearing it for over 3 years now. Not giving up on it anytime soon. 
My favorite sweater, favorite jacket and favorite boots! 
Good day, indeed! :)
Look 10 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (VI)
Last but not the least. I was dressed for a little touristy bus tour 
followed by a whole day of air travel! 
Btw, this is the "real" side of the dress I wore in Look 7!
Which side do you prefer?

-- X--

... and to finish off my Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook, here are some:

Basic tips to dress for Fall/Winter:
1. Get yourself a pair of boot. They will make any outfit pop!
2. Save the heels for special occasions and night outs. 
3. Use scarfs and belts to give your look an edge. 
4. Add a variation to your look with printed leggings/stockings and pattern-socks! 
5. Last but not the least, make sure you look as put together with your Jacket on as you might without it. That I believe is the trickiest part. In a way you are wearing two versions of an outfit daily in this season. 

Feel free to contribute your Fall/Winter dressing tips