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Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - Part I

You now who hasn't done an outfit post in a long time? ME ;) 

For everyone who asked where I had been in my last post - I was amongst the scenic locales of Scotland! Me & Mom hadn't travelled for over THREE months! Yes. Three. Whole. Months. It might not sound too long to most people but in our eyes it might as well had been three decades. I need to get out of the four walls of Texas every now and then to feel human and in touch with the real world.  

Anyhoo, I will keep my stories short this time and just focus on some of the Fall/Winter looks I was sporting last week. This is not one of the polls but feel free of choose your favorite. I know you cannot resist ;)

5 Fall/Winter Looks

Look 1 - Smart Casual
Ready to face the cold northern winds! 
Simple and Effective. 
I do not think this look ever goes out of fashion!
Look 2 - Casual Day Look
We were lucky enough to have a sunny day! 
Please excuse my messy hair, I wasn't quite ready yet. 
Continued below ...
Look 2 (continued) - Casual Day Look
However sunny the day might be, 
a light jacket is absolutely mandatory, 
for your own well-being!
Look 3 - Super Professional Look
 You have not seen me dressed professionally, in recent times. 
When I dress for work, I like absolutely no-non-sense look. 
I do not want to be bothered about hair/fit/fashion. 
Simple & Comfortable is what I always go for. 
Some of my previous work-outfits are here
Look 4 - Smart Casual (II)
Right after work, I had to meet a friend for dinner. 
I simply changed my skirt and boots, and I was ready! 
Look 5 - Smart Casual (III)
Can you tell I am in love with my tan-leather-boots? 
You will get sick of them soon. 
That's how much I am going to be wearing them!
Also, my tunic looks un-ironed, but it was one of those wrinkled looks. 
Just hasn't been captured well in the pictures. 
Also, excuse my bad-hair-day!
Continued below
Look 5 (continued) - Smart Casual (III)
This is one of my favorite jackets. 
Had bought it from London in 2009. 
It always makes a dull winter day brighter! :) 

Lookbook to be continued in the next post...
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