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Decoding my Blog Name

1:01 AM

Dressed for a casual and hearty lunch out.
Necklace - Etsy [10']
Shirt - Banana Republic ['10']
Jeans - BDG [09']
Shoes - Nine West [08']

Back in 2003-2005 I used to watch this show on VH1 called The Fabulous Life of Rich & Famous. Needless to say I used to ogle over each and every celebrity's luxe, over-the-top homes and cars. What a fabulous [yes! scandalous, yet fabulous!] lifestyle they all lead. 

However, in hindsight I found my life to be quite fabulous too [if not more]. So what if I do not have a freaking movie theatre in my house, or a pop-corn machine in my kitchen, or a bloody swimming pool on every floor. I live [and have always lived!] a pretty-fabulous-life! Hence, when the time came to choose a name for the blog it was almost instantaneous!  

And now coming to the tag line ... it is pretty self explanatory, isn't it? I have always had varied interests, hobbies and ever evolving opinions and to go with that my attention span is that of a two year old. There was no way that I could write/blog about one single topic throughout or pre-dertimine the genre of this blog. And I couldn't possibly manage multiple blogs for 'each' topic [just the thought about it making me tired!]. Hence the amalgamation of is all - Food, Fitness, Films, Fashion, Family, Friends & F-ilosophy!

I should also mention that I hadn't given much serious thought to the title, up until now. If I had known that anyone besides my close-friends and parents would be even remotely interested reading what I had to say, I might have thought of something more 'interesting' or 'intellectual' but what-the-heck, it is, what it is! And I kinda like it now, don't you?

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  1. I am *delighted* to say I could make up the recipe in my head just when I saw the pictures. Since it's so rare for me, I had to write it :D ...I completely relate to not talking about one thing, and attention spans- I suffer from this too, entirely. :) And I am glad you say it's a fabulous life, there's so much I feel one has to be grateful for. Plus, fabulous-ness begets more fabulous-ness I think ;)

  2. Mmm... mattar paneer *drools*
    Since I am the only vegetarian in the family our cooks aren't very good at making veggie food. The only time I get paneer is with spinach and I ... do not like ... spinach...! Mattar paneer is one of my favorites and I want it right! Now!

    Love your outfit and that pink bag :)


  3. loving your jeans girl...and the necklace too. you look fab! etsy is sooo good for such cute and quirky finds, don't you think?

  4. I'm a bit of a pea freak: they look delicious.

    I've always loved your blog title. It's really creative.

    Also love those shoes!

  5. im really liking the casual avatar

  6. well, i like your blog name!!.....
    mattar paneer is a childhood fav dish and mum used to make it for me quite often as i was quite finicky about eating!!!

  7. Ahh, loving the mattar paneer and those cute pumps.
    Your blog title has always struck me as fun, tongue-in-cheek and down-to-earth and kind of sums up the person we know and love you for.

  8. that mattar paneer looks absolutely delish. I'm drooling even though I just ate.

    And I think the name of your blog is unique and fun. Just like your posts.

  9. Of course Tanvi!! - I love your blog and your very interesting blog title made me go ahead and read it in the first place. Its now a part of my daily routine.

    Have a great day.

  10. Awesome! I've always loved your blog name, it's cool! You look lovely, the food looks delish! Oh, how I miss the Indian restaurants in Dallas, best Indian food I've ever eaten! XX!

  11. loving you outfit.. ps.. im obsessed with your sunglasses

  12. I like the explanation of your blog name. It's funny that you can read something so often without wondering where the person writing it came up with the name... maybe that's just me.

  13. i loved to watch the Fabulous Life on VH1 too! It just made me appreciate my life even more, you know? I mean it would be amazing to lead such a crazy lifestyle like those people, but it is better to be content with what you already have and continue evolving from there. right?


    P.S. I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY, come enter if you like, it is pretty fabulous! :)

  14. love it! i feel the same way - i may not have a garage stocked with rare cars, or a closet full of designer clothes, but i still feel pretty fab! :)

    ps - that paneer looks amazing! yum.

  15. I love your honest n creative blog.Its almost b-come a daily habit to read your blog like i read news paper!!
    Staying so far sometimes i feel we r sitting 2gether talking/chilling/dreaming.......

  16. WOW i love your shoes!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

    love, polly

  17. Yummmmm. I shall make it some time in the upcoming weeks. :)

    Yummmmmmm. :) OH you darned girl, making me salivate when I'm not gonna get any soon. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  18. Nice necklace!!! Love it!!!
    And love the recipe!!! Lemme try it out this week!!!

    Being a Saree clad Bride's Maid

  19. That fabulous bag makes your whole look pop! LOVE!

  20. I want to come over for dinner. You seem to be a great cook. Your husband is a lucky man. You can cook you're smart and beautiful! By the way I love that name it made me want to know more about what you had to say and you are awsome.:)

  21. OMG, i can actually smell the mutter paneer:-) the pics are sooo good..yum!!

    dont worry u will be famous very soon:-)

  22. I adore your shoes and the cute bag:) What a great outfit:)

    ps: I am hosting a really sweet GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  23. Tanvi,

    Your blog name is really good. Could not be be honest...

    Once again nice pictures.

  24. Also I like your setting an example for fitness and healthy food....not just talk.

  25. Love the mattar paneer :) we make it all the time but use cubed tofu instead. Love the outfit-I am such a fan of white blouses. And girl-how many pairs of shoes do you have???

  26. Omg you MADE that dish?! It looks like it belongs in a restaurant!! Matter paneer is one of my favorite Indian dishes. I'm definitely going to try this recipe at home!! :)

    You are so adorabe in these photos. And I loved reading about how you got your blog name. So cute!

  27. Haven't made matar paneer in ages. Time to correct that I think! :) Love your pink bag. I'm not much of a pink person, but one item that gets used very regularly is my purply-pink cross body bag!

  28. OMG!!! You are THE best type of girlfriend to have! I just adore indian food, especially when it's done correctly! You've definitely made my mouth water! YUM!
    xo tash

  29. That dish looks yum and i'm definitely ogling your shades-love 'em and love your blog's name too! Oh and that pop of pink from your handbag is so right:-)

  30. droooooooooool. the paneer looks yummy!!! i used to love that show too. i watched every episode i think. i think the best part of it was that guy's voice/accent (the narrator). he had this tone and tease in his voice that kinda said "dont you wish you had this all?".

  31. Mmmmm this looks delicious!! If I could cook this would definitely be something I would be trying to not set on fire!

  32. Yes I do recall the show and the host of the show too. So I got the reason why you chose it right away. I think it's a great blog title!

  33. Hahaha I love hearing your explanation about your blog name and I happen to love your blog name. I know what you mean though. I totally would have chosen a different name for mine if I thought anyone would care to read it :)


  34. I love that BR shirt!! I'm so on the hunt for a full sleeve shirt! There's lots around but I don't have money :(

    I usually use the dry spices for Mattar Paneer but this one with cumin looks delish so will try it next time! :)

  35. tanvi i am sorry i got too busy slurping over the brogues to slurp over the matar paneer :) you know hat i mean na !!!

  36. OH MY GOD. I totally remember the show - I thought the name sounded a little familiar! Haha.

    And the recipe sounds delish, may have to give it a try sometime soonish xx

  37. Ofcourse I love the way you're doing it. Fabulous post after post at an awesome blog with an interesting name. When I hit you blog for the first time I remember being drawn to it especially because of the name. It sounded so promising and with every post you are doing full justice to the name!
    YOUDUNIT girl...:D
    Mwahs n hugs

  38. Hey! I have been following your blog from past few days...must say I love your collection of shoes...and passion for fitness....And I am so impressed by your fitness fundas that I have jumped on the bandwagon too....and loved the idea of blogging about the 8 X 8 mission.....Me too trying the same thing now..lets see how it works out!

  39. Yup we definitely like it :) and I also used to watch that show, love the shoes

  40. You are so gorgeous girl....I love every single outfit you wear and you look so likable and kind.


  41. Okay, so after staring at that GORGEOUS bag, i finally got around to reading your blog :-p

    I get too excited to see the photos that i cheat and scroll down the photographs sometimes before I read.

    Your title's FAB just like you and you are the bestest 'soul-mate' anyone could have.




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