Dear All,

1:01 AM

Lately I feel I have exhausted my vocabulary. I visit my favorite blogs and and I want to comment but I find it hard to use words which do not sound like the clichés similar to - 'awesome', 'beautiful', 'amazing', 'cute', and 'nice'. I want to say something worthwhile and articulate it possibly in a couple of different phrases, but I fail miserably. It would be fair to say I have hit a mental block. I guess this would as good as any other time to take a short break [for real! this time]. I am thinking, a week away should do me good! 

While I am away, I have set up a few polls for the whole week. If you all would be kind enough to cast your vote to which ever option tickles your fancy, I would really appreciate it! Back in August I had done a post on Five Fabulous Fashionistas where I had discussed why I liked the sense of style of the fellow blogging divas. Since then a few readers have been asking me to choose few of my own personal favorite styles. But I can't! I really can't. I like too many of them to choose just a few! So I thought I will pass on the work & decision to my readers. You vote for what you like the most, out of the few-personal-styles I have chosen and I will describe why I like the ones which get the highest votes. Sounds silly? May be. But I think it could be fun [and reduce my work! ;)]. 

However, those are all ghost posts, scheduled in advance. I will be trying my best to stay away from 'all-things-technology' and get some 'zen' time. I would not be able to comment on your posts therefore would not be fair to ask you to comment on mine. All I need you to do is 'click' one of the options. And That's it

I, Thank you all in advance for that and also Thank You for all your wonderful comments and feedback over the past months. Has been a great ride so far!

See you all in a week. 
Stay healthy and happy! 

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