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And ... I'm Back!

It is real-easy to gain my affection. Real-EasyI repeat! Show me genuine love & care ... and ... voila! you have gained a life-long-supporter and a loyal friend - Enter Me! So everyone who wrote me emails, left me messages and comments (in spite of me disabling it on the blog? Now that's true-blogger-love] you all have gained a friend for life right here [:)] ... 'Coz I am touched. I really am. You guys rock! [Yes! I am aware of how cheesy I sound!]

However, a week away from technology was almost like heaven (almost!). Wasn't world a simpler place before all this tweeting [verbal-vomiting] and BBM-ing and facebooking (*eye.roll*)? 

Sometimes I think I belong on an isolated mountain, with my own little wooden cottage with some breathtaking natural beauty to wake up to and clean air to breathe and fresh local food to nourish myself with ... and don't forget Yoga up on the mountains too ... Wouldn't that be a perfect life? ... But right then, I snap! back into reality and wonder what will happen to my humble-little-blog and all my sweet-loyal-readers *mischivious.grin*? Right? Also, one cannot possible be that stylish [and wear high heels/boots] on mountains and run in the fields, isn't it? 

 That's my Mum! ;)

This is where I have been hiding all week. You cannot possible blame me any more for missing in action. How could I possible think of anything remotely "technological" when I had so much natural (clean) beauty to absorb? More on my travels and whereabouts in the coming posts. For now I need to catch up on my sleep and bounce back. I have close to 400 posts (pending) to read ... Eeeee!