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10 Days Later ...

... and I am still in Scotland, in my mind at least [*sad.face*]
 Mom all wrapped up!
 Looking for food on a cold-cold evening
 Caught un-guarded!
 Couldn't get enough of the highlands...
 *hmmm* I hope I was wearing Sun Block
 ... When time stood still
 ... Does it look like she was having fun?
 Reminded me of Namrata & Anita
 Travel Partners!
 When women ruled the world [When was that?!?!]
 At the Art Museum
 ... If Mom went to school, this is how she would look = CUTE!
The Last Supper Day  ... and until we meet again ... *sob*

I love traveling. I really do. Mostly because it takes me away from the mundane routine of daily life. I enjoy meeting new people, learning about new cultures and shopping at local shops [of course!] ... So I guess nothing new, right? Everyone likes to travel for the same reasons, isn't it? But I am not a lazy traveler. It is not a matter of leisure for me. I like to wake up early and savor the delicious spread of breakfast which definitely has more options than my own 'home-cooked' one. Spend the day site-seeing [walking tour hopefully] which would give me an opportunity to click lots of pictures. Then stop by a local café and sip on Hot Chocolate [that's my holiday beverage!] and indulge in a little people watching. Visit some galleries, palaces, or a local market and retire for the day in a plush comfortable hotel bed, after a satisfying dinner [of course!]. That's one of my, many ideas for a good holiday. 

Other ideas include, being a bum at a beach, sipping mojitos and getting pampered at spas. But this is not the season for the beach [at least in this part of the world, so we are sticking with my first idea till the Summer of 2011]. 

What's your idea of a good holiday?
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