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10 Days Later ...

... and I am still in Scotland, in my mind at least [*sad.face*]
 Mom all wrapped up!
 Looking for food on a cold-cold evening
 Caught un-guarded!
 Couldn't get enough of the highlands...
 *hmmm* I hope I was wearing Sun Block
 ... When time stood still
 ... Does it look like she was having fun?
 Reminded me of Namrata & Anita
 Travel Partners!
 When women ruled the world [When was that?!?!]
 At the Art Museum
 ... If Mom went to school, this is how she would look = CUTE!
The Last Supper Day  ... and until we meet again ... *sob*

I love traveling. I really do. Mostly because it takes me away from the mundane routine of daily life. I enjoy meeting new people, learning about new cultures and shopping at local shops [of course!] ... So I guess nothing new, right? Everyone likes to travel for the same reasons, isn't it? But I am not a lazy traveler. It is not a matter of leisure for me. I like to wake up early and savor the delicious spread of breakfast which definitely has more options than my own 'home-cooked' one. Spend the day site-seeing [walking tour hopefully] which would give me an opportunity to click lots of pictures. Then stop by a local cafĂ© and sip on Hot Chocolate [that's my holiday beverage!] and indulge in a little people watching. Visit some galleries, palaces, or a local market and retire for the day in a plush comfortable hotel bed, after a satisfying dinner [of course!]. That's one of my, many ideas for a good holiday. 

Other ideas include, being a bum at a beach, sipping mojitos and getting pampered at spas. But this is not the season for the beach [at least in this part of the world, so we are sticking with my first idea till the Summer of 2011]. 

What's your idea of a good holiday?
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Want Vs Need

Need to make this my Life's Motto! There seems to be no end to my WANTS! Agrh!
Source : http://recoveringlazyholic.com/needtowant.html
For all those who asked: 

All my photographs are taken by my Husband [unless I am on a holiday without him, then whoever is accompanying me takes them - i.e. Friends, Mom, Brother, etc.]. I edit them with whatever little amateur knowledge I have.

I do not know how I remember the years and shops of all my purchases except that I just do! It might have a little something to do with all the almonds we were forced to eat (Hi! Mom) every morning without fail...And now over to the pictures!

I am not frowning! It is the sun! *Really!*
 Pink Tunic - Massimo Dutti [05']
 Jeggings - J Brand [10']
 Shoes - Me Too [09']
Trumpet Necklace - River Island [10']

By the way, I seem to have miraculously been cured of my 'Blogging Addiction'. Good news is that I would not have to join a Blog-a-holic Anonymous any more. I can actually get through more than 2 days without posting my random thoughts and ramblings [Yay!]. However, the bad news it I still might have to sign up for Shopaholic Anonymous soon! REAL SOON!

Feeling Retro

For some reason this song (and movie) is bringing out the Retro in me!

On Friday we visited San Antonio Art Festival. It was a beautiful day with some amazing art. If I didn't have budget constraints I would have returned with many paintings, a few portraits, and definitely few artistic furniture pieces. Oh! Well. Next time. 
Ready to strut my way through
Shirt - Husband's
Leggings - BDG [10']
One of the artists' at the Art Festival said I looked like a fricking "Movie Star"!
... Clearly I am Happy to play the part! :)
No matter what the topic, I am always expressing it 'this' passionately! 

Just like designing, I believe styling is a form of ART. I strongly believe that 'art' cannot be defined as everyone has their own version of it ... Also, because for every rule there is an exception. Just because one prefers Monet over Picasso doesn't make either of their art any 'less or more'. And I doubt that they would have painted any differently even if they knew the opinions of their 'disapprovers' [...would they?].  

As bloggers ... at least as fashion bloggers, we give [and receive] many compliments and much adulation. However, once in a while when some's style is not appealing to my sensibilities I restrain myself from criticizing and comment purely on the basis of whether the person wearing the clothes is doing justice to them or not. Also, I strongly believe that fashion bloggers are not blogging to get approval from their readers but are only showcasing their 'art' [unless they mention otherwise!]. As long as one wears their clothes with panache and confidence [Lady Gaga!] and everything that requires covering is covered who am I to give any advice?  

Any thoughts?

P.S. On popular demand, I have added more pictures from my Scotland trip on my Facebook Page

Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - Part II

5 Fall/Winter Looks
Look 6 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (I)
I love this sleeveless sweater. Got is last season. 
It has a zipper at the back see here
Continued below
Look 6 (continued) - Smart Casual Travel Wear (II)
However, a Coat was mandatory for the weather. 
Finished the look with a Pashmina scarf. 
Look 7 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (III)
The best thing about being a tourist is that you can be insanely colorful. 
I love the fall colors but every once in a while I need my bright colors back. 
Interesting fact - I am wearing this dress inside out. 
Took out the brand tag, and washing instructions meticulously. 
No one came to know. 
Look 7 (continued) - Smart Casual Travel Wear (VII)
For those you do not like wearing sporty shoes and are about to critic me ... 
let me stop you right there ... When you are traveling,
nothing is more important than comfort. Nothing!
Again, the weather demanded I wear my coat. 
And that's a bright pink pashmina again!
Look 8 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (IV)
Okay! So now we had a relatively sunny day. 
Hence, I brought my mini skirt out 
but wore is with checkered stocking and high knee socks. 
And do not forget the boots. 
These are the most comfortable boots in the world!
Look 9 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (V)
This is my favorite sweater. Has such a Covent School touch to it. 
I have been wearing it for over 3 years now. Not giving up on it anytime soon. 
My favorite sweater, favorite jacket and favorite boots! 
Good day, indeed! :)
Look 10 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (VI)
Last but not the least. I was dressed for a little touristy bus tour 
followed by a whole day of air travel! 
Btw, this is the "real" side of the dress I wore in Look 7!
Which side do you prefer?

-- X--

... and to finish off my Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook, here are some:

Basic tips to dress for Fall/Winter:
1. Get yourself a pair of boot. They will make any outfit pop!
2. Save the heels for special occasions and night outs. 
3. Use scarfs and belts to give your look an edge. 
4. Add a variation to your look with printed leggings/stockings and pattern-socks! 
5. Last but not the least, make sure you look as put together with your Jacket on as you might without it. That I believe is the trickiest part. In a way you are wearing two versions of an outfit daily in this season. 

Feel free to contribute your Fall/Winter dressing tips

Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - Part I

You now who hasn't done an outfit post in a long time? ME ;) 

For everyone who asked where I had been in my last post - I was amongst the scenic locales of Scotland! Me & Mom hadn't travelled for over THREE months! Yes. Three. Whole. Months. It might not sound too long to most people but in our eyes it might as well had been three decades. I need to get out of the four walls of Texas every now and then to feel human and in touch with the real world.  

Anyhoo, I will keep my stories short this time and just focus on some of the Fall/Winter looks I was sporting last week. This is not one of the polls but feel free of choose your favorite. I know you cannot resist ;)

5 Fall/Winter Looks

Look 1 - Smart Casual
Ready to face the cold northern winds! 
Simple and Effective. 
I do not think this look ever goes out of fashion!
Look 2 - Casual Day Look
We were lucky enough to have a sunny day! 
Please excuse my messy hair, I wasn't quite ready yet. 
Continued below ...
Look 2 (continued) - Casual Day Look
However sunny the day might be, 
a light jacket is absolutely mandatory, 
for your own well-being!
Look 3 - Super Professional Look
 You have not seen me dressed professionally, in recent times. 
When I dress for work, I like absolutely no-non-sense look. 
I do not want to be bothered about hair/fit/fashion. 
Simple & Comfortable is what I always go for. 
Some of my previous work-outfits are here
Look 4 - Smart Casual (II)
Right after work, I had to meet a friend for dinner. 
I simply changed my skirt and boots, and I was ready! 
Look 5 - Smart Casual (III)
Can you tell I am in love with my tan-leather-boots? 
You will get sick of them soon. 
That's how much I am going to be wearing them!
Also, my tunic looks un-ironed, but it was one of those wrinkled looks. 
Just hasn't been captured well in the pictures. 
Also, excuse my bad-hair-day!
Continued below
Look 5 (continued) - Smart Casual (III)
This is one of my favorite jackets. 
Had bought it from London in 2009. 
It always makes a dull winter day brighter! :) 

Lookbook to be continued in the next post...

And ... I'm Back!

It is real-easy to gain my affection. Real-EasyI repeat! Show me genuine love & care ... and ... voila! you have gained a life-long-supporter and a loyal friend - Enter Me! So everyone who wrote me emails, left me messages and comments (in spite of me disabling it on the blog?) You all have gained a friend for life right here [:)] ... 'Coz I am touched. I really am. You guys rock! Yes! I am aware of how cheesy I sound!

However, a week away from technology was almost like heaven (almost!). Wasn't world a simpler place before all this tweeting [verbal-vomiting] and BBM-ing and facebooking (*eye.roll*)? 

Sometimes I think I belong on an isolated mountain, with my own little wooden cottage with some breathtaking natural beauty to wake up to and clean air to breathe and fresh local food to nourish myself with ... and don't forget Yoga up on the mountains too ... Wouldn't that be a perfect life? ... But right then, I snap! back into reality and wonder what will happen to my humble-little-blog and all my sweet-loyal-readers *mischievous.grin*? Right? Also, one cannot possible be that stylish [and wear high heels/boots] on mountains and run in the fields, isn't it? 

 That's my Mum! ;)

This is where I have been hiding all week. You cannot possible blame me any more for missing in action. How could I possible think of anything remotely "technological" when I had so much natural (clean) beauty to absorb? More on my travels and whereabouts in the coming posts. For now I need to catch up on my sleep and bounce back. I have close to 400 posts (pending) to read ... Eeeee! 

Poll it - Black Pants/Jeans

Black Pants/Jeans
Which look in the Black Pants, appeals to you the most?
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This was the last Poll! I appreciate, whoever took the poll. And those who didn't ... no hard feelings ... Whatever goes around, comes around? ;) [Kidding!] I should be back soon, now! Unless the world has come to an end while I was away ... then these were my parting posts! :P [How morbid, I know!

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Poll it - Travel Wear

Travel Wear
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Are you still missing me? 

No? Boohoo! 
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