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Time, really flies!

1:01 AM

Back in June I had gone for a friend's baby shower, remember? Well she already had the baby and the baby is almost 3 months old now. [Time flies, or what?!?!?] I had been a bad friend and not visited her ever since [shame on me!]. Today, I decided to redeem myself from the mistake and went to see her and her two princesses. Her first born is a little over 2 years old now and calls me 'Tam-bi' in the ever-cutest-latino-accent. She is an adorable girl and quite a poser for the camera!!! 

I had the best time with her reading stories books, playing with building blocks and singing nursery rhymes. I almost forgot all about my friend, which I believe she was 'secretly' grateful for 'coz she could have some 'peaceful' time without being a sandwich between the two young kids. Picture follow ...
Ms. Poser
Princess Eleana ... Ready with her Pose
Reading stories ... with Aunty Tanvi :)
Oh! and this is tiny little - Baby Audrey
I had 'specially' dressed hassel-free to play with the kids! [How smart am I?]
Tee - Men's section at UO [09']; Bracelets - ASOS [10']
Leggings - BDG  [10']; Shoes - Nine Went [08']

P.S. Thank You to [you know who you are!] who checked-up on me and wondered why I was missing! I am lacking inspiration to blog lately, hopefully will find something controversial to write about soon.  

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  1. such lovely kids! and time really does fly. I rem reading that story, didn't realise it's been 3 mnths! wow

  2. You look fab! Eleana is beautiful. I was wondering where you were via I-phone while in the airport. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Omg, those kids are absolutely adorable! Although the baby doesn't look all that pleased that you're taking her photo! It's good to see you back! And good planning on wearing something kid-play-friendly!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  4. I love this color combination...
    Chic n comfy.Looking pretty as always.
    Cute babies!(Chubby).

  5. Heyyy Tanvi,
    thats the sweetest thing you've done there. A mum of a one year naughty lil son, I know how much I look forward to my friends dropping in and baby sitting him..That ME time I get is bliss..hehehe
    SO heres some blog awards for you for doing such a wonderful deed..
    Hope you like them!
    PLease pick them up here..

  6. What a cute baby and how gorgeous are those colours on you, Tanvi? I bet the little one was really enamoured with the beautiful lady who came to see her. xxx

  7. Ooo, both kids are sooo adorable. And your outfit is so cool and casual. Love the shoes.

  8. nice pics!! And the kids are so so cute!

  9. Aww, Eleana looks adorable :) and you, of course, prettyyy as always. Love your shoes! <3

  10. Fun out fit!! The time is flying by for sure!

  11. Tanvi-Welcome back. I didn't reach out to you but I was wondering where you were. I just figured you were on some fancy vacation :) ha ha
    ok that little gal is adorable AND as soon as I saw your picture I felt I was thinking of the 80's. This outfit is so fun, colorful and playful. And I know what you mean about lacking inspriation...it happens to me (like for example today!) oh well. have a lovely day Tanvi.

  12. hey missed you and your posts, both the girls are so cute and the outfit looks good.
    Hope you will not do a disappearing act now, your posts are eagerly anticipated and highly appreciated.

  13. Awwww your Aunty Tanvi avtaar is most cute :) Those girls are adorable :)

  14. Oh, the lil girl is such a cutie (I adore her curls!) and so is the new baby!

    Hope you find your blogging inspiration soon:)


  15. she's a darling. you look great. :D


  16. Oh that is just the perfect outfit to wear to play with kids! How much did that little girl love your outfit? She's beyond adorable and so is the little baby. I've had baby fever lately :)

  17. yeah.. shame on you.. lol lol lol
    They are so pretty..
    im sure she was very happy to see you

  18. Happy to see you back! What sweet- faced little ones! Adorable:)

  19. What fun and fashionable colors! The girls are too cute and love the baby's expression!

  20. These kids are so cute!! Also, I love the brightness of your outfit! I've always had a problem with colors, so this is kinda awesome!


  21. Eleana is so adorable and what a cute baby...U are looking bright and colorful:-) everything in ur outfit is very harmonious and flows- fab, fab look..

  22. Adorable pictures!! I'm sure the inspiration will come! :)

  23. loving shoes and that bundle of 2 yr cutesss

  24. So Sweet... Girls look adorable. U look rocking. Miss u. Tc T&T missing in action. :(

  25. ah she's so cute!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  26. OMG Tanvi they are both so adorable! I can understand why you got wrapped up in them.

    perfect outfit for playtime too - love those leggings.

  27. Love the electric blue! Retro chic! How are you these days darling? xoxo -Taj

  28. Very fun kid friendly outfit. Love the colors!

  29. Awesome picture of Baby. Very honest confession of not visiting your friend for so long.

  30. Wow, that little girl looks like a model in the making! loveee the pose!

  31. OMG the kids are so cute! I love your outfit as usual!! I am sorry you have been a little down lately. Hope you feel lively and motivated again!

  32. The older girl looks like Baby Tanvi :-)
    I know the pressures of having to write a regular column/blog. I hope you can give yourslef the permission to take time off. Do the Oprah thing...On your days off run your past "favorite" posts.
    Meetu D

  33. You are a natural with the kids. I love your toned look and am sure you probably have your work outs listed. Will check out your fitness section.

  34. How did I miss this??? The babies are adorable!!!...and you Funky and Fabulous Aunty Tanvi are just a rainbow gelato vision!! I LOVE these colours on you! LOVE!

  35. those girls are soo pretty =)
    btw your outfit is super cool
    I love the blue leggings!!!!


  36. Ooooh...aaaahh...sooo cute!!! And indeed a poser! I loveeee kids who aren't camera shy..Love all your hand accessories!

  37. Tam-bi, Auntieeee! PERFECT outfit for the day. love the colors! could them munchkins be any cuter? the 2 year old looks like energy unbound. lol



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