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Time, really flies!

Back in June I had gone for a friend's baby shower, remember? Well she already had the baby and the baby is almost 3 months old now. [Time flies, or what?!?!?] I had been a bad friend and not visited her ever since [shame on me!]. Today, I decided to redeem myself from the mistake and went to see her and her two princesses. Her first born is a little over 2 years old now and calls me 'Tam-bi' in the ever-cutest-latino-accent. She is an adorable girl and quite a poser for the camera!!! 

I had the best time with her reading stories books, playing with building blocks and singing nursery rhymes. I almost forgot all about my friend, which I believe she was 'secretly' grateful for 'coz she could have some 'peaceful' time without being a sandwich between the two young kids. Picture follow ...
Ms. Poser
Princess Eleana ... Ready with her Pose
Reading stories ... with Aunty Tanvi :)
Oh! and this is tiny little - Baby Audrey
I had 'specially' dressed hassel-free to play with the kids! [How smart am I?]
Tee - Men's section at UO [09']; Bracelets - ASOS [10']
Leggings - BDG  [10']; Shoes - Nine Went [08']

P.S. Thank You to [you know who you are!] who checked-up on me and wondered why I was missing! I am lacking inspiration to blog lately, hopefully will find something controversial to write about soon.  
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