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"Take 10" with Tanya

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This is my first interview in the series of "Take 10" where I will ask any 10 Random Questions which I am curious about and 'hope' that the fellow blogger will oblige. Let's begin!
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I have met some marvelous women in past few months of blogging. One of them is Tanya from the blog Major Must Haves I do not know how I stumbled upon her blog but I have loved her style and humility ever since. She has a fierce sense of fashion but what I like the most is the stuff she talks and discusses in her posts. She is ever so sweet, humble and dignified. I 'especially' admire her positivity and inner strength. Ladies and Gentlemen [we do have a few, don't we (silent readers)?] I present to you my first Blogger Interview with wonderful Tanya

Tanvi - Describe yourself in one word.
Tanya - Compassionate

Tanvi - What is your go-to-outfit for a date?
Tanya - A comfy dress and the highest heels I can find.

Tanvi - One Luxury Item that you own and value the most.

Tanya - My Cartier love bracelet. My husband gave it to me for our 2nd year anniversary and he's the only one that can remove it (he screwed it on with the
device it comes with).
Tanvi - If you were a 'car' what kind of 'car' would you be? and Why?
Tanya - Azure', Bentley because it's rare, smooth, classy and powerful.

Tanvi - Last Book you read? Also, your favorite book?
Tanya - The last book I read was 'How to start a business online for dummies'. My favorite book is "Eat Love Pray" because it shows that a person can't be happy or make anyone else unless they truly know themselves.

Tanvi - If you could give only one piece of advice to your daughter what would it be?
Tanya - Always be independent!

Tanvi - If someone wrote a book about you, what do you think the title should be?
Tanya- "The Go- To Girl"...( all my friends call me for advice)

Tanvi - What kind of people/acts make you angry?
Tanya - Unloyal people make me angry. Especially when you find out it's someone you've helped. When you are loyal it'll take you a long way in life. Fake people make me angry. No ones life is perfect so don't act like it.

Tanvi - Something that your friends do not know about you?
Tanya - I'm not a morning person.

Tanvi - Your thoughts on fashion, blogging and life?
Tanya -

My thought on life is that you should always be kind to one another and lend a helping hand whenever you can. Take time to inhale and exhale and count your blessings. I don't stress over the unnecessary things anymore I just leave things up to God!

As far as blogging I wish other bloggers would embrace us new-comers sometimes, but when you end up meeting great new friends (like Tanvi) thru blogging, the visitors increase in numbers and it's all good. My favorite part is when someone tells me my message made their day when all I did was keep it real with what was going on in my life at that moment. You can think you have the worst problem in the world and it helps to see that you are not alone and sometimes people need to know that. It's also a great way to give advice to my friends via- internet so they don't have call me as much(even though I don't mind). They can visit my blog for inspiration instead. Blogging is also a great outlet for me to express myself and be creative.

Fashion is fun for me. I've done it all from wearing Cross Colors when I was 12 to wearing Christian Dior from head to toe for my 21st birthday. I surprise myself sometimes with the colors I put together and I use to second guess myself as I got older, but fashion should always be fun and never taken too seriously. If you don't like my taste I don't care because I'm always gonna be me :)

Hope you all enjoyed the interview. Thank You, Tanya for your time!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  1. Quite an enjoyable interview, I must say!!! Both of u fashion queens sure gave us some food for thought! Looking forward to more such inteviews, Tanvi! :)

  2. Hey Tanvi,
    I am a regular reader of your blog currently i am not a blogger (dont have time)i am a banker and getting married soon by january...i really want to loose 10-15 kg before my D day...dont know how to start and how to do shopping for my wedding day i mean i am totally unaware of todays bridal fashion should i buy some magzines or some net stuff..i am very fussy about everything....plzz help me out..


  3. Cool feature, Tanvii! Love it, she is a darling girl, so lovely! XX!

  4. Thanks for this, Tanvi. Great questions and stunnning lady, I'm definately going to check out her blog. xxx

  5. Thanks for an entertaining interview!

  6. Tanvi thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!
    what a beautiful blog you have here!!!
    greetings from spain

  7. Oh my, amazing shoes! I especially love photo with the dress flowing in the wind.

  8. Great interview! I love her date outfit!

  9. i LOVE her cute style and inspiring words! gonna go check out her blog :)

  10. I have been to her blog - its really nice and she has great style..looking forward to more in this series..

  11. Fabulous interview! She sounds like a wonderful girl. Off to go check out her blog.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  12. Tanvi-Nice interview and great introduction to Tanya. Hope you have a "fabulous" weekend!!

  13. Are you going to interview guys also?

  14. What a great feature! How have I not discovered her blog before?! Checking it out now :)


  15. Great interview! I like when you get to hear things a little differently from what a blogger usually posts! You really get to know a lot more about them!

  16. such a great feature! will check out her blog :) look forward to more features hon, love your blog! will be featuring you soon :) <3

  17. This was so fun! Loved reading Tanya's answers

  18. Love this!!! I love finding out and reading about other bloggers.

  19. Hey Tanvi, I enjoyed answering all your questions. Thanks for all your kind words and featuring me on your fab blog. You are Americas sweetheart!!! Xoxo

  20. Hey! Like the interview. Like Tanya's fashion style of dressing the way she wants and sticking to it regardless of other people's varying opinions. Like the photographs as well.

  21. She has fabulous style and sounds like such a sweetheart!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  22. i really enjoyed this post, great interview!


  23. I really enjoyed this. I hope you keep it up as a series.

  24. love your new blog theme!!! awesome!!!

  25. I really liked this interview, Tanvi! I've never seen Tanya's blog, but I'm checking it out now. Her answers are all so thoughtful. I especially liked her ending note - I think that is a wonderful attitude to have.

  26. Hi Tanvi,
    I really enjoyed reading this interview. I love it when established bloggers like you embrace newer bloggers and make them feel welcome in the community. After all that is what blogging is about no?

    I would love to keep in touch with you more regularly. What do you say?

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  27. Hey Tanvi,

    Went thru ur style, your blog and most amazing part he way u look at fitness, i m so impressed.. running shor t of words... will be looking forward to see you on face book



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