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Some thoughts and then something sporty!

So here's what's on my mind today... 
[Gear up, people! We are in for another mind twister here ;)]

You know how every time you declare that you are not happy or content with the current situations in your life, someone or the other is bound to share their 'two cents' saying, "But imagine what people in Africa (or another poverty stricken country) have to go through? You are much better off!" I have never been able to come on board with this philosophy. Just because someone has it worse than me doesn't mean that I do not have the right to want better or aim higher [and eventually complain 'coz I didn't reach there!]. Again, it is not about being ungrateful for what I have. It is about everyone taking the liberty to compare an 'x.y.z' situation to someone else's 'l.m.n.o' situation, while we have already established that 'everyone is different and thus it is not fair to compare one's life to another

Even as a child when I refused to eat or finish my food, someone would always say, "There are children, who are dying of hunger, so eat your food!" and my immediate-smart-retort would be, "Then please take this food and give it to them! Thank You very much" I guess the point I am trying to make is that I do not think it is fair or even justified to compare two situations where the variable do not even match. 

To me, it sounds more like people are playing with my guilt and conscious rather than showing me logic! It is natural and more so ... even important to want better from yourself and from your life. And if at all it is said as a consolation to someone's misery then, one just needs to find a better line (statement) 'coz this one has really been beaten down to death!

Enjoy what you have today but aim for a better tomorrow, no?

Was out shopping for some new workout-gear! Hence, dressed for the part too!
Necklace - [Ladakh, 09']; Bangle - French Connection [10']
Leggings - Puma [10']
Shoes - Puma Ballets [10']

Cheeky! ;)

P.S. Who likes, my new template? Raise your hand!
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