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Secrets to Healthy Hair

Sonali had asked me to do a post on a hair care several weeks back and I am finally getting around it. For the record, I do not have the best quality hair on earth. They are verrrryyy fine, unbelievably straight and with no bounce/volume what-so-ever. But like everything in life, I have learnt to love what I have and maintain it to the best of my ability. But what is great about my hair is they are naturally shiny and healthy and grows at a decent rate. I cut my hair real short every 2-3 years and then grow them till they reach my waist and then cut them again! So much fun! ** Also, having straight hair means that I do not require to use any harsh hair products or chemicals on them ever. 

My Magic Hair Potion
My Hair transformation over the years
I used to maintain them much better up until my college days with a weekly oil treatment, deep conditioning and regular hair cuts. However, with time I have become a 'little' lazy and the maintenance has fallen down to monthly deep conditioning instead of weekly. However, I recently started making amends and getting back to my old (and good) habits. 

1. I apply oil once a week 
2. I use my 'Magic Potion' once a month
3. I use hair serum to detangle my hair before combing
4. I do not use hair dryer/straightener 
    [except on special occasions which are rare in my life]
5. I get a hair cut/trim every 8-10 weeks!

Also, Anika from Sweetfaced Style featured me yesterday in her Spreading the Love Series, here. [She has a thriving on-going debate on her blog about fashion, women, shape and self worth. Read this to know more.] Check out her blog!