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Red Lipstick

1:01 AM

Burger, Fries and some fruity drink. Cute Evening :o)
Top - French Connection [05']; Tank - CK [06']; 
Cargos - ?!?! [10']; Shoes - BCBG [10']

Sometimes I have this uncontrollable urge to turn back time! Not to change things but to re-live the good times. I miss my childhood the most! Miss the school days. Miss the days when I used to wonder about what I would ever become in life. Miss the days when I would sit and chat random stuff with my Dad till past midnight. Miss the days when I made only enough money to pay my rent. Miss the days when I could pack my bags and go traveling at the drop-of-a-hat. Miss the first half of my 20's and now I also miss my first year of marriage. 

You could say I have A LOT to miss ... and also A LOT to look forward too ... And to create more memories to miss in future ... today, me and husband went for mid-week date. Burger, Fries and some fruity drink. Cute Evening :o)

After our discussion on Red Lipstick the other day here 
I decided to go give it another try. 
Luckily, this time, the lady behind the counter was friendly too!

So, Yes? or ... No?

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  1. Wish I could see the cobalt in your lipstick pics! Think it looks great!

    Personally, I think you look better not wearing lipstick. You could soften it out probably. :)

  2. Definitely YES!!!!! :) The red looks great on you!

    And yay! Finally a picture with 'your' Audrey poster! :) I love that pic...

  3. definitely yes to the red lipstick and I like your Audrey Hepburn

  4. yes yes yes...Especially when it is IN to be worn with other contrastingly coloured outfits. You did it right babes!
    The Stripey look and those oooo so kewl footwear I am pretty Gaga over too..SUPERB!

  5. ohh yes...da lipstick is lukin grt on u...esp with this beautiful neckpiece

  6. Ooh this suits you! I especially like pairing it up with a pink neck piece...and gosh, missing everything at one point is a regular with me ! :)

  7. Yes to the lipstick! It'd bold and lovely on you.

    I do miss the carefree days of childhood, but at least we get better clothing/accessory options and design our own homes now (the love and the responsibility!)

  8. No fr the lipstick,sorry! U'll look better in nude lipstick...
    OMG <3 <3 the gonna steal em!!
    Hope u doing good!
    Hey read ur Dabangg review, so i should go waTch??
    TC hun tty on twitter.xoxo

  9. Yes: the red lipstick definitely suist you. It looks really good.

  10. By the sound of it, I'm still living your early twenties life!
    Love the red lippie on you, Tanvi and am ADORING the shoesin the top picture..yum!

  11. I think YES! Very refreshing and bright. Love your cargos and those shoes are just awesome!!

  12. Your necklace is outstnding - and the colour is very positive, too.
    Marries charmingly with your blue dress. I, too, miss my childhood sometimes - perhaps 'miss' is not the word, but I look back fondly upon my childhood with a smile.
    Enjoy the day;-)

  13. love your shoes

    can you help me filling up my survey about fashion blog and teenager here

    and participate for the giveaway in my blog thank you

  14. Hi Tanvi...
    Mid week!
    Well we all miss things after we stop being “Miss”
    And watch the things being added to that list...
    *sorry for being so mean*
    And that red lipper would look awesome on u...but woh pink neck piece ke saath thoda out of place ho gaya shaayad...
    Otherwise the glam hair flirting in the wind so make the pic go mmmmm...
    A pout would add to the chic;-)

  15. Whoa! Definitely a YEESS!
    You look hawwtt with that shade!

  16. Hey! My first time on your blog. You look really pretty. I like the red lipstick on you. And that pink neckpiece is gorgeous!

  17. Strange, I never miss the past, but then, I can hardly afford 1 designer bag per year now... So perhaps I'm still hoping for the future. Actually, that's true. I always think the bright times are still ahead. Lovely lipstick, Tanvi!

  18. Yes yes yes! It looks fab on you just as I thought it would!

    And I hope I will go on mid week dates with my fiancee soon too:)


  19. My Tanvivacious... I LOVE red lipstick on you!! And I especially love the red with blue and pink!!! a wonderful harmony of colours!!!

    This -" create more memories to miss in future..." is a beautiful endeavour.

  20. Yes. Reliving the good old meoment is desire of a lot of people. Nice write up.

  21. Red looks good on you. I miss the good ol' days too! :)

  22. I miss past years too but I definitely don't miss the days where I could barely cover my rent. LOL

    Love the outfits and it's a YES on the lipstick!!!


  23. Red lipstick looks so pretty on you!

  24. YES! for sure. it works GREAT on you!

    i just tried red lipstick for the first time over the weekend, and i can't believe i went so long without ever wearing it!

    something about it screams sexy and confident, no??

  25. YES! Actually surprisingly...coz I always have liked photos of u more without makeup and for me to like ANYBODY in red lipstick is hard...but i don't know...i think it looks nice on one go..kind of looked natural..i liked the photos..and until i didn't read your comment about RED lipstick it didn't hit me in the eye (like red lipstick normally does)

    I miss my childhood too. Lots. I feel the feel you feel.

  26. You totally pulled it off. I love your entire fit on the first pic. Your body is amazing. So curvy and in shape. I miss a lot of things in my life too sometimes. So cute that you and your husband go on mid-week dates. I love everything once again! Keep them coming Tanvi.!!:)

  27. YES!!! Looks great on you:) I love red lip too:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  28. I like the red lipstick! the pink necklace is awesome w/ the blue top

  29. Are you wearing the same lip color in the two different pics?? I like ur li color in the top pic..In the bottom pic, the necklace looks really fab with ur top but clashes with ur lip color..hmm, i think the red is little bright and u may want to check out some darker, cherry red 2 cents..

  30. Oh, I do miss the past years. But I am happy with my current life, warts and all.

    So, yes to the red lipstick. And a "Yay" to the awesome pink neck piece. You have a great blog. Will surely revisit.

  31. YES! And, can talk about the shoes? AMAZING.

  32. Red lipstick can be so tricky because the undertone is so important, but I think that is a good shade on you! I like it, although I am totally not used to seeing photos of you with such bright lips! Love the shoes as well - too cute!

  33. I like the red.
    Great blog, I just started following

  34. love the red lips...u know me..u know im always gonna love it!!! ehehe...

    loving the shoes in the first one too and the blue and pink combo in second set

  35. I love seeing you with pinkish natural lips, so the red is a bit new to me. Maybe make it a bit glossier looking.

    I am no expert, still looking for the perfect shade of lipstick myself. Good luck with the search dear. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: We'll be in touch from now on, yayyyyyyy. :)

  36. I don't own any lipsticks 'coz they never stay on my lips. I like the red lippie on you. And adore the shoes!

  37. Red lipstick!!!! YES!!!!!!!!


  38. I say yes! Nice makeup sales ladies make all the difference lol

  39. Hehe sirf mereko hi pasand nahi aayee red lipstick shayad! :P :D

  40. You can pull off anything so stylishly and easily Tanvi! Love it. And I know you didn't eat a burger??? a veggie burger perhaps.....
    love those BCBG shoes.

  41. yes yes... and to shift a bit of attention from the lips, love how you are wearing your gray comfy's with those BCBG heels. it's pretty awesome!

  42. hey tanvi.. i definitly like the bold lipstic ur wearing.... u luk pretty and gorgeous...

  43. hey tanvi.. i definitly like the bold lipstic ur wearing.... u luk pretty and gorgeous...

  44. hey tanvi.. i definitly like the bold lipstic ur wearing.... u luk pretty and gorgeous...

  45. Know not much abt makeup & Lipstic.
    But surely the blue attire with pink neck piece is awesome.
    Gr8 neck n body!

  46. Love your 1st pic.I forgot 2 mention shoes and grey cargo very smart.Nazar naa lag jaye!!!!T-wood.



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