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Pizza on Iranian Bread

Ahhh! That was quite nice! 

So now that we satisfied our appetite [visually!] here's what I am thinking ... Fashion is an integral part of this blog now. So I won't blame anyone, if they assume all I think about [all the time] is clothes and shoes [which btw is true for the 'shoes' part!]. But ... one more thing I do A LOT is 'people watching'. I enjoy it immensely. I can spend a whole day sipping coffee by a busy street and simply watch people pass-by. 

And during this 'people-watching-activity' [;)] I have come across many gorgeous, well-dressed females (and males!) on the streets. When I see them I always end up picturing them as 'fashion bloggers' who are posing to take pictures. Well, its all happening in my head but it seems quite real [yeah! yeah! I am crazy! I day dream in detail!]. 

But what's interesting is that everyone on the streets stands out individually but then as a crowd they all seem to get lost among each other. So I can't help but deduce that while many of us might dress well and look good by ourselves (on our blogs!) the real test is when you shine in the crowd. And it is not the clothes that will help you shine there, it is your personality! Clothes can only get you so far (may be get you a free pass by the bouncer!) but once you are inside you need to have more. You need to have it all - charm, personality, and class! Clothes, my dear do not make a person. 

- Henry Ward  Beecher

What do you think?!?