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Movie Review - Easy A & The Town

We went to see this movie on Friday night but was tooooo lazy to write a review so here it is a day late 'coz this movie is definitely worth a review! 

"Easy A" is a story of a high school girl - Olive [Emma Stone]. She makes a BIG mess of her life from the moment she lies about her virginity to her best friend in the ladies-room. Rumors spread like fire and before she knows she is helping the unpopular school boys by pretending to have sex with them for gift cards from her favorite store [Office Max, Target, etc.]. 

I love Emma Stone. If I had been in the same high-school as her I would have been her best friend. Crazy, funny and fun. She actually reminds me a lot of Anna Faris [The House Bunny]. Her parents played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, if you ask me are the best part of the movie. They are by far the COOLEST parents on earth. [I would want them to adopt me in my next birth! No wait, I would want my current parents to be as cool as them in my next birth! (best of both worlds!)Although the movie looks like a teenage drama, it is definitely for all age groups and immensely funny!

Bottom-line - It is really funny and definitely worth a watch!

Next review is the shortest review ever!

We also saw The Town [another back-to-back movie marathon at the Cinemas]. The movie is about the family legacy in Bank Robberies in Boston, MA. Ben Affleck directs and acts in this intense crime thriller. It is a gripping story which keeps you interested till the end. My only issue was that it made me yawn! a couple of times, 'coz it was a bit too stretched where it wasn't needed. Besides that all else was A+

Bottom-line - Worth a watch!

And this is how I dressed to go to the movies! [Phew!]
Pants - BCBG [09']; Shoes - Nine West [09']

Necklace - Etsy [10']
Top - Kensie [09']
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