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Movie Review - Dabangg

Dear Non-Hindi-Movie-Fanatics you can skip the whole written part and hop directly to the pictures. This is a review of the new Hindi Movie - Dabanggggggg! Well, the name is just 'Dabangg'; I simply got over excited there [**]. 

Well, I had been anticipating the release of this movie for weeeeeeks now. 
A) It looked like a total-masala movie with hearty laughs (from the trailers) 
B) Hello! Salman! ;) [Actor of the movie]

It is a story of two step brothers played by Salman Khan (Chulbul Pandey) and Arbaaz Khan (Makhanchan Pandey). Chulbul's step father always favors towards his step-brother (who is a little dumb! to be subtle) which makes Chulbul bitter towards both of them. He grows up to become a corrupt Police Officer, however with an exuberant style and personality. As his daily tiffs & taunts continue with his family, he stumbles upon the pretty Rajo (played by newcomer Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of Shatrughan Sinha) and falls in love with her instantly (like any hindi-masala-movie). The twists and turns come when his path crosses with a corrupt youth politician Chedhi Singh (played by Sonu Sood). Enough said. Watch the movie to know more [;)]

The movie was a riot from the word go. Salman was in full-form. He got some excellent dialogues to delivery which 'actually' was the true strength of the movie, I believe! Unfortunately, he doesn't take his shirt-off until the last 5 minutes of the movie [in case someone cared :P]. And Sonakshi Sinha is a revelation. She perfect to the T for the character. It didn't look like it was her first movie. The chemistry between Rajo and Chulbul was unbelievably cute [like someone is tickling you with romance!]. I loved everything about her - from her face, make-up, clothes, to her impressive acting. 

The music of he movie was A++++ ... not at one instance I felt, "why did they break into a song now?!" In fact to the contrary, having by-hearted-the-album from before I was looking forward to each and every song. It is an excellent album [Take a bow Sajid-Wajid] including the Munni Badnaam track by Lalit Pandit, which undoubtedly will be playing at ALL the weddings in the coming season! Also, can we take a moment to pay our ogling-respects to Malaika Arora Khan! Is she for REAL? She does not look anywhere close to 40's! She looked smashing and danced like 'no one was watching!' but hell! my eyes were glued on her tini-tiny waist and dance-moves which flow like a river. *envious.sigh!*

As for the action sequences, they were hilarious and entertaining at the same time. I am an 'Action Movie Girl' ... Yes, I AM! I have always loved good action movies and this one did not disappoint on any count. 

Bottom-line: If you are a Salman Khan fan, then I needn't say anything (you must have already watched the movie so *high.five*) and if you are not a Salman Khan fan, then go watch the movie and you will become one. 

Oh lord! This has actually become a rather longer review than what I usually do, but hey! I always say it - the way it is ... and when its good, its good ... No compromises there!

This is how I dressed to go to the movies! 
Shoes - Barrats [London, 08']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']; Top - TJ Maxx [09']
Beads - Gift [Mom 09'-10']
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