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Meet Aarti, the Artist!

I am sure everyone remember's Aarti, who did an illustration of mine a few months back here. She has done it again! I have no words. This girl is talented. I have been following her work over at Art meets Fashion ever since and she is such a talented artist. 

Thank You Aarti for this second illustration. I really-really have no words!
Aarti's Illustration

The Original (which I wore here almost 3 months back)

Aarti made me look much better (cuter) than I actually am! 

P.S. I would like to welcome all my new readers. Welcome aboard on my crazy daily ride. Also, I would thank the readers who are non-bloggers, as I have no other medium to contact you! I enjoy reading your daily comments. 

P.P.S. Those who requested the recipe for the Focaccia Bread, I had added it to my yesterday's post