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Informative Post - Bangles

N.B. Generally I do not do 'informative' posts for my own blog. Originally it was intended to be a Guest Post, however since that didn't work out, I thought I might as well post it here ... Specially since I had already put in the work & time!
Bangles displayed at a local shop
Disclaimer: The rites and rituals mentioned here are the ones followed in Hinduism. India has many religions and castes which might have different interpretation of Bangles.
As a child, which was almost fifteen years back [Wow!], whenever we traveled abroad innumerable women would stop my Mother on the streets and inquire about her jewelry [I call them a woman’s embellishments!]. We would patiently wait while Mom explained them the relevance of all her ornaments from the bindi on the forehead to the toe rings on her feet. It was all new to them. In the following years, the first thing I remember that was available worldwide, in the shops like Claire’s and Accessorize were the Bangles. Bangles would undoubtedly be one of the most commonly available accessory worldwide, from the Indian sub-continent today. Bangles hold great relevance in the Indian culture. I personally find them the most sensuous ornament if worn in the ‘traditional Indian way’.

Bangles otherwise known as “Churi” or “Kangan” in Hindi, were originally worn as ‘one’ of the many signs of matrimony. Today, in modern India, everyone from single to married, young to old woman wears it as a fashion accessory. However, if you were to go into the interiors of the country, in smaller towns and villages you would find that mostly only married women wear glass bangles in a bunch along with a gold/silver bangle towards the two ends of the bunch. While single girls could still wear bangles [in any color except red], widows however, are not allowed to wear any colored glass bangles.

Originally the only material in which bangles were made was glass. However, due to lack of durability, over the decades they are now available in wooden, plastic, metallic, etc. Also, their design has taken a flight from circular to all different kinds of shapes now [square, oval, etc.]. After checking with my grandmother (and Internet) I have discovered that different color of the bangles signifies different meanings.

Few common colors and their significance:
Red - Signifies Energy
Blue - Signifies Wisdom
Green - Signifies Luck
Yellow - Signifies Happiness
Gold - Signifies Fortunes

One of the first gifts given to a girl by her in-laws is usually a pair of gold-bangles as a form welcoming her to the family.

A married woman is required to wear bangles to signify all the above for her husband. One of the interesting anecdote involved is that sudden breakage of the bangles is considered inauspicious and could bring bad luck to one’s husband.

Also, the day before the wedding, there is a ceremony where the bride-to-be is asked to wear a few bangles which are a size smaller [with the help of a moisturizer/oil]. These bangles signify ‘loving’ and ‘happy’ consummation of the marriage [till they all ‘naturally’ break!]

Today, the bangles are worn throughout the world! Women color co-ordinate them with the outfits, wear them in one hand or both, in a big bunch or as single piece and we take it as one of the many ‘colorful’ contributions to world of fashion!


  1. Nice post. your mom looks fab :) Usually in karnataka and maharashtra green glass bangles are worn by married women.

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  3. This is really interesting! Thanks for posting it here, I enjoyed reading it! I had no idea how much significance those little bracelets held!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  4. I though don get much opporunities to wear bangles but I have loads and loads of themm...truly love our culture..

    Your mom is really pretty Tanvii..

  5. wow! didn't know the significance of different colored bangles... thought women just wore it to match with their sarees! and your mother is beautiful:)) like mother-like daughter.

  6. Well written, honey! :)

    Like mother, like daughter: gorgeous.

  7. Yeh! Tks for those memories with the pics posted.M looking so different.
    Somehow i love the sound of the bangles n like to wear lots when wearing saree and for Indian functions.
    Good information!

  8. Very interesting, Tanvi! I love your posts on Indian culture, so fascinating. And I LOVE your wedding photos, can't get over how gorgeous you look! XX!

  9. Very interesting especially the color significance. I learn more through these posts- like info we take for granted.thanks!!!!!!!

  10. Very interesting especially the color significance. I learn more through these posts- like info we take for granted.thanks!!!!!!!

  11. As you know, I do love a bangle. Thanks for explaining the colour significance, I never knew that! xxx

  12. LOL I didn't know about the 'naturally' breaking part :) So cute and soooo filmy :)))Your mum looks absolutely we know where Tanvi gets her look from :)

  13. I love wearing bangles and I always associate the sound of glass bangles with my mother,nice post :)
    your mom is very pretty

  14. Very will written post! Your mum is gorgeous!

  15. your mom is so pretty :))

    i love wearing bangles.. have loads of them.. they drastically change the appearance.. and even the way we move! :D

  16. Great informative post. Love the photos

  17. strangely kashmiri hindus do not wear glass bangles at all...not even in weddings, traditionally it's always been gold/ variations (at best with pearls/ silver) and I always used to find it strange, esp with the bride...

  18. Ah gorgeous! I would wear them all and I seriously adore learning about people cultures. Great post girlie!

    Have a lovely weekend :)
    cheers, Jesa

  19. I would love the blue for wisdom. I love learning about your culture. I was up since five and just got in so sorry for posting so late.

  20. Ooo, very informative. Bangles are a huge part of Pakistani culture as well, but I never really understood why.
    On holiday's, my mum's been stopped by other women enquiring about her bangles as well.

  21. no wonder y madam tanvi luks so pretty, she's gt such a beautiful mother:))

  22. Your mother's gorgeous, and you look a lot like her! It's awesome(: Also, great post, because I'm a fan of bangles, whatever shapes and sizes they are. Easy to don on, and they go with everything!

  23. quite an informative post...
    ur mom luks beautiful... and so do u as i had already mentioned for ur wedding pics...

  24. you are seriously gorgeous, woman. i wouldn't expect your mom to be any less loverly than she is in these pics.

    when i read the words “Churi” and “Kangan," a dozen bollywood songs went off in my head. yeah, at the same time. bizarre and a pleasure at the same time. :o) i learn something new from these posts ya do.
    i know you're a "thinking" ban of sorts, but i've a question...most of all these desi traditional female things (the henna, the toe rings, the bangles, etc) seem to all have to do with the females marriage and/or hubby (hubby-to-be even). are there things they do from youth to adulthood for their own being? her own future? i'm not asking to question ya, but i really don't know and am curious. no hurries or even a need to respond to this on, chica. i'm gonna make up for the holding back of over thinking your taking on (or not taking on?). :o)

  25. This was a wonderful post! So informative!! My favorite bangels are the one's I wore on my wedding day, I felt like a queen ;) xoxo

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  27. thank you so much for sharing
    it's interesting to see how bit of culture fuse with the other parts of the world
    especially into fashion too


  28. I loved this post. Fantastic..only u cud have penned it so gracefully.


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