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Found my Mojo back!

1:01 AM

I think I got my mojo back. This past week had been dull and full of moments where I am wondering - 'Where is my life going? - What am I doing? - and blah blah blah!' But we are out of the short period of slump and back to being our fabulous self. Who cares where life is going as long as it is going - somewhere! Well, that didn't sound right but ya'll catch my drift don't-cha?

To take my mind away from these rather morbid thoughts I have taken up - Baking Bread & Savories! I am one of those people who always need a project and do new things to keep themselves going... So, I got my act together, dug out some old-saved-recipes, went major grocery shopping and started my new Kitchen-ExtravaganzaSo be prepared to see lot of updates and pictures from my baking experiments :) 

Kitchen Extravaganza I - Tomato & Fenugreek Bread
Baked and ready to munch
... so we munch
What do you think!?!?! 

While I was out running errands today I decided to stop by Saks and try a 'Red Lipstick'. You ask, "Why Red? and Why Lipstick?" Well, as you all already know I am not a make-up person but I am definitely not a lipstick person. But since I was trying to break the monotony of my life today - I went all out and tried the Red Lipstick too. 

Going to the cosmetics section today, reminded me of how-bloody-intimidated I am of the women who work there. Gorgeous, prim-&-proper women, with their perfect hair and immaculate make-up! I always look like a jungle-return in front of them. 

So, I went up to this charming lady at the Chanel counter, who I suppose was in her 60's, and asked her to help me find a perfect shade of red lipstick for my skin tone. I am quite sure that she took one look at me and thought, "You need much more make-up before you go ahead and try out precious red lipstick." I always feel so naked at these cosmetic sections of any store. I tried, I wiped it off, and I ran out to my safe-make-up-free-world. We'll try again, another time. 

Don't Judge! This was my running-errands-&-doing-groceries-outfit!
Headband - J. Crew; Tank - CK [06']; Top - Fey [London, 08']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Earrings & Bangle - Gift [Mom-the-great, 10']; Shoes - Børn [10']

P.S. I quite liked the Red Lipstick but I'm not sure it liked me back ;)

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  1. Good to have you back :)

    And dont let that mojo ever leave you!

    Outfit looks cool...the baking sounds yummmmy!


  2. Those cookery creations look yummy!
    Your shopping outfit is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it, love the big bow and the orange pumps to distraction.
    Those make-up counters scare me to distraction, too. I buy mid-range lippy because I can pick it up off the shelves without being intimidated.
    More make-up? Whay was the old bat thinking. You're perfect! xxx

  3. Many people get intimidated by those makeup counter ladies, not just you dear!

    I've started wearing makeup more lately, but am usually sans makeup. Sometimes a little mascara and lip gloss are quite confidence boosting though!

  4. Haha, you're not sure it liked you back!? I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. Maybe try a lip stain before lipstick? Work your way to the opaque red?

    I'm glad to hear you're mentally back on track. That bread looks really tasty. It reminds me of a couple times I've made bread with curry powder in it. (It's delicious and it makes your bread very bright yellow!)

    And cute outfit! I love the little pop of orange with the shoes, and the bow on the shirt is really cute!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  5. Glad you're feeling fabulous again! You always look fabulous btw! I love the top you're wearing.

    I'm the same at make up counters. I feel so intimidated and bare faced, and if I try something on, I'll wipe it off straight away.

  6. I like d layers...& d glares!!!!! ;)

    D bread looks super-yummy!!!!! Waitin 2 c more yum pix..... :)

  7. The bread looks yummy! I used to feel daunted at make-up stores as well because before the age of about 19 I didn't wear anything except kajal and always felt 'naked.' But now make-up is my friend, applied in light quantities so it doesn't look like I am wearing a lot of make-up but it helps me look not-so-dead :P. I also only recently got into red lipstick. The Chanel shade is quite vibrant and since you're not used to wearing it maybe you should start with something less bright, maybe a red lipgloss?


  8. Hi Tanvi..Accidentally came across your blog several days ago and have been hooked!!! You are awesome;) Sorry to see that you were having a little slump...but glad that you have your mojo back! Can't wait to keep reading:)

  9. Ah the bread looks really good! Especially to someone who has had ot miss lunch today :(( Love the big bow on the tee, so interesting!

  10. Aww, you should have taken some pics of you with the red lippie! I'm sure you looked great!


  11. Ooh you must post a picture with that red lipstick, I am sure you look stunning in it. This post has so much in there to write about. PHew. I love the baking, looks super yum. And it's such a great thing to feel the mojo's back where it belongs :)...And I rem going to a cosmetic section and getting looks (you don't belong here looks) and then I went ahead and said I want the kohl but lead-less. That somehow made them dislike (!) me even more. But it changed the impression from the jungle-return to far-too-informed-for-her-own-good...:D Happens, all the time, still!

  12. OH.. save me one.. looks so yummy

    ps.. i love the colour of your flats

  13. Ah, that's what I love about you, Tanvi - up or down, but never luke warm. I'm sure baking and cooking are superbe anti-depressive therapies and the pictures show: Your back to your beautiful best! xo

  14. the bread looks delish! i have never been a very good baker myself!

    nice outfit too...but how do you manage to remember where you bought each and every piece of clothing from? i always tend to get mixed up with mine =)


  15. She's back!!! Those muffins look so good. I can't stomach red lipstick on me. I think I have the wrong color. I love bows and I love the flats. Great fit for running errands.

  16. Yay glad you got it back sweetie! Great new project. I love baking myself but I never seem to have the time to do it. Maybe sometime this weekend since I have off for 4 days. Yippeee :)

    And so funny about the red lipstick. I like that you gave it a shot. It's always good to give something new a try.

    Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

  17. My darling Tanvi... you are simply delicious!

    ps. You? Intimidated? By people wearing cosmetic masks?

  18. My fabulous daughter, i love that smile on you.Wish u always wear it:)
    Bread looks amazingly tasty.You r a gr8 chef!!!Smily piece of bread is very cute.

  19. I'm glad you've got your mojo back as well! And that bread looks so yummy! I used to love baking when I was in college but haven't done so in a while; maybe I need to start up again.

    I applaud you for even asking for help at a makeup counter. I'm not a big makeup person (though I do love nail polish), and every time I'm in Sephora, I try to sneak around corners to avoid interacting with the sales people! Terrible!

  20. Yummers!!!

    Speaking of mojo's it's like you read my mind... my creative mojo's outta whack at the mo!

    ciao bella,

  21. YAY!!!!!!!!!

    The bread looks amazing..I can smell it from here:-)

    I like this top (u have worn this earlier too) and when I saw something similar in F21, I immediately picked it up..the bow is black/white polka dots and not this pretty!!

    I had a phase of red lipstick too..I found a really lovely one at MAC...

  22. glad you are feeling better. That bread looks fabulous!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Tanvi.

  23. don't give up on the lipstick and definitely don't give up on Chanel makeup!! Happy weekend

  24. I think you are dressed beautifully! You should see me when I dress up for the grocery store, you will cringe to say the least!

    Yay for getting your Mojo back! Love that bread!

  25. Oh, I'm glad that you have gotten yourself out of that slump. It happens to me often too, and as you said, we always need something new to take our minds off the monotony! Loving the layering for this look. Food looks awesome as usual. I really need to pick up some of those skills from you!


  26. You got your mojo back! wooo hoo!! I've kinda been going to the same thing...worrying about where's my life going ect..and I think I've finally realized that I just need to do it and stop thinking about it!

  27. the food looks del. and everybody gets these thoughts sometimes, good to know you are feeling your old self
    like the shoes

  28. Those look delish. Super cute top, too. xo style, she wrote

  29. okay i can't get over than bread, it looks scrumptious!

  30. now you're into baking!!! I HAVE TO vist you now. The aroma of bakery is something I cannot resist. I'd love to try making the bread msyelf!

    You look super cute with the orange ballets. I'm glad you got in the groove again. Miss it when your blog doesnt update! :)

  31. that bread looks yummm!

    I'm waiting to see you put on that red lippy!!! Red loves everybody :)

  32. wow!! from the actual making of it to the photographing rock..and for sure you got your mojo and my appetite back!

    How come we don't get to see a photograph of the red lipstick??? And one thing i agree, if you ever have to buy red lipstick, nobody does it better than chanel!

  33. while your mojo was out and about lost, it didn't happen to run into mine, did it? hmmm....sneaky buggers.
    glad to hear yours is home safely and on a cooking/baking frenzy. if i said your buns look delicious, would that be too inappropriate?

    as ya get older, beti, makeup becomes your friend. hopefully not your ONLY friend, but still...yeah. a bit o eyeliner, mascara, and a glossy maybe as a starter course before an all out entree? baby steps.

  34. i have been debating red lipstick for quite some time now myself. i have mac's viva glam 1 or something - check them out - they are really helpful with choosing the right one and have some good shades for our skin color. i'm the same way with liking it but the man doesn't and i never know if it works on me...



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