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Found my Mojo back!

I think I got my mojo back. This past week had been dull and full of moments where I am wondering - 'Where is my life going? - What am I doing? - and blah blah blah!' But we are out of the short period of slump and back to being our fabulous self. Who cares where life is going as long as it is going - somewhere! Well, that didn't sound right but ya'll catch my drift don't-cha?

To take my mind away from these rather morbid thoughts I have taken up - Baking Bread & Savories! I am one of those people who always need a project and do new things to keep themselves going... So, I got my act together, dug out some old-saved-recipes, went major grocery shopping and started my new Kitchen-ExtravaganzaSo be prepared to see lot of updates and pictures from my baking experiments :) 

Kitchen Extravaganza I - Tomato & Fenugreek Bread
Baked and ready to munch
... so we munch
What do you think!?!?! 

While I was out running errands today I decided to stop by Saks and try a 'Red Lipstick'. You ask, "Why Red? and Why Lipstick?" Well, as you all already know I am not a make-up person but I am definitely not a lipstick person. But since I was trying to break the monotony of my life today - I went all out and tried the Red Lipstick too. 

Going to the cosmetics section today, reminded me of how-bloody-intimidated I am of the women who work there. Gorgeous, prim-&-proper women, with their perfect hair and immaculate make-up! I always look like a jungle-return in front of them. 

So, I went up to this charming lady at the Chanel counter, who I suppose was in her 60's, and asked her to help me find a perfect shade of red lipstick for my skin tone. I am quite sure that she took one look at me and thought, "You need much more make-up before you go ahead and try out precious red lipstick." I always feel so naked at these cosmetic sections of any store. I tried, I wiped it off, and I ran out to my safe-make-up-free-world. We'll try again, another time. 

Don't Judge! This was my running-errands-&-doing-groceries-outfit!
Headband - J. Crew; Tank - CK [06']; Top - Fey [London, 08']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Earrings & Bangle - Gift [Mom-the-great, 10']; Shoes - Børn [10']

P.S. I quite liked the Red Lipstick but I'm not sure it liked me back ;)
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