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Food & Fitness

Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla

Carb (High Fiber) Tortillas
1 Cup Fat Free Shredded Mozzarella or Cheddar Cheese
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
Half White Onion
Thin sliced Chicken Breast
Chopped Basil Leaves
1 Cup of Salsa

Sautée sliced chicken breast and onion in Olive oil. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top.
2. Foil a baking tray and place one tortilla on top
3. Sprinkle one cup of shredded cheese and salsa on top and place the second tortilla on top.
4. Broil on middle tray for 3 minutes and cut into 6 wedges.
5. Transfer
sautéed chicken and onion on top.
6. Garnish with Basil Leaves and few drops of Hot Sauce [optional]
7. Husband doesn't like sour creme so I served with cottage cheese.


Lately I have had to try
wayyyy much 'harder' to get my a$$ to the gym. It could be the lack of motivation, or working hours coming in the way, or may be God is being her usual 'difficult' self! So I have decided to make a LONG list of reasons why I like to workout to motivate myself. 
Time to get back in the Game!
1. I like how I feel when I exit from the Gym
2. My skin looks a lot better when I workout regularly
3. I like how my clothes fit me when I am in good shape
4. I truly cherish my current tiny waist [which was once as big as whole of ASIA!]
5. I do not like paying medical bills [which accumulate due to poor health]
6. I enjoy the confidence fitness gives me
7. I feel more at peace and in sync with myself when I workout
Anyone wants to add anything to my list? 

P.S. For the record, that was Husband's meal (above) and not mine!