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Cooling off ... literally!

The temperatures are cooling off and the days are looking gorgeous. I had a wonderful saturday. Made some pancakes for breakfast, had some salted crepes [besan ka cheela] for lunch, met a few friends for coffee, had pizza & chocolate cake for dinner and ended the day on the couch with a couple of DVDs! Though we are staying in town for the long weekend [and I am bummed about that!] nonetheless it has been an eventful weekend so far...

Loving the shades of blue against the cooling weather!Model - Tanvi ;)
My pretty jewels! ;)
Model - Tanvi ;)
At the Restaurant before the friends arrive ;)
I have no idea what I am so happy about! 
P.S. Is it just me? or does anyone else also find at least 
(if not morea 100 things appalling about this picture, below?
Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell
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