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Bowling Weekend

My husband has the craziest sense of humor. The only time he is 'genuinely' serious is probably when he is in la la land! Life is a one big comedy series with him. It can be a little testing sometimes but there is definitely not a single dull moment in my life. 

He is as filmy as me, so to my any 'real' question there is always a funny or 'filmy' retort. I really should record it one day [just for proof!]. No one would believe he is a scientist if they met him. 

I can't believe I ever thought that serious men were sexy! Mysterious, may be but how long can you enjoy the 'serious-ness'? I guess in hindsight I realize how naive and unreasonable I were. Having my own version and belief about things which clearly I had no experience about. Everyday living with him I learn to smile about the stupid mistakes I make [instances where you go - O.o!], reducing the tension by smiling and joking about it and always living and enjoying in the moment

We went Bowling this weekend with some friends! This is how I dressed ...
Top - French Connection [09']; Cargos - ASOS [10']; Shoes - Steve Madden [09']
Belt - Husband's ; Necklace - Gift [Mother-in-Law 10']; Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Husband to Me - "Laugh like you have stomach ache"
Me *wondering.while.laughying* Who laughs when they are having a stomach ache?!?! 
Husband - Mine since 07' [haha!]

Me to Husband - We need to stop eating so many carbs. My kamar is becoming kamara [Translation - My waist is becoming the size of this room!]

Husband to Me - Does that mean you won't be baking any more breads?