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Blue & Bright

While I am all ready with my boots and 'jeggings' to welcome 'Autumn/Fall', the sun is still shining bright and strong, here in Texas. Barring a few storms and showers every now and then, the weather is still warm and humid. You cannot even think of wearing layers or anything remotely 'warm' or fall-ish! 
Hence, the dress!
Dress - Urban Outfitters [09'] (Also worn here)
Bangles - Delhi [08']; 
Cuff - Won via a Giveaway on Tanya's Blog [10']

About two weeks back on my post about the Bangles, I had received a comment from the wonderful Daisybabie asking why all Indian traditions were either symbolic of 'marriage' or of 'husband/fiance'. It is true. All our customs and rituals tend to revolve around marriage, husband, children, or wealth! I do not really have any answer or explanation for this, I can only present my point of view in this regard. However, before I do that, I would like to say that I am not religious. I do not follow the Hindu rites and rituals very devotedly, unless I am in India or around family [I kinda have to then!]. 

So while most of the 'Hindu' customs are directly related to the happiness/growth/well-being of men in any Indian woman's life, I do not see these rituals as 'men-centric' as none of them would be possible without the woman [as cheesy as it sounds!]. So while the men keep changing in these traditions [from father, brother, husband, son] the woman remain constant. Women, are paid back in respect, love and gifts on all these occasions. I am afraid I might not sound very 'forward-thinking' in my thoughts here but there are a lot of other psychological and social deductions and reasons I can give for these traditions. However, I cannot possible explain all of them here [May be one day, when I visit you ;)]. Though, I know I haven't answered your question exactly, these are my thoughts [two cents] to make up for the lack of an appropriate 'answer'!   

P.S. About the Red Lipstick post, Thank you for your feedback, first of all. Almost 80% of your said Yes! versus the few who didn't quite like the shade or how I wore it or ... etc. etc. etc. I think this might be the very first lipstick in the whole wide world that I might actually like! So I will be buying it, soon! :)
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