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Agree to Disagree?

It's been quite sometime that I haven't told you what I have been thinking ... So here's what I have been thinking [duh!]

We'll start with a small religious history lesson ... [Why? Just 'coz I want to! Duh! again!]

Lord Ganesha is the one whom we pray to whenever we begin something new. Prayers to him are offered in hope of luck and prosperity. However, back in the mythological times one day Lord Ganesha and his younger brother Kumara were arguing over who is greater in knowledge. That's when their parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were called upon to settle the argument. Their parents set them on the task to go around the 'Brahman' [The universe and beyond] and whoever comes back first is the greatest. While Kumara ran away immediately to win the 'contest', Ganesha simple took a rotation around his parents and touched their feet as in Hinduism the world [universe] is in the feet of your parents! Hence, Ganesha won the title of being the greatest and is prayed first before any other God in all prayer ceremonies. 

Now here's why I narrated this story! It might not make any sense to you but thats how my brain works! What to do? ... 

If you were to ask any of my friends before this blog, they would not have know a lot about my likes and dislikes and interest and ambitions [unless we had a specific discussion about the topic!]. I do not go around telling what I like and dislike, simply because it always end up in an 'unnecessary discussion'. 

I am someone who takes a lot of time and passion before deciding what I like, whom I like ...etc. etc. I do not need to discuss or defend it. If the topic arises and someone cares for my opinion I will share it, else I prefer to keep my mouth shut. Personally I do not not mind if people have different opinions from mine, but I do mind when they disagree with me and won't give up till I agree with them! 

Why is it so hard for people to exist knowing that someone thinks differently from them? Why do we all have to convince the other person we are right? Why the judgement?

The only people I feel deserve any reasoning or justification are my parents. They gave birth to me [hey! literally made me!] so they have the right to know why I made the decisions I made. Everyone else, I can choose to share with them, but I do not have to

An ideal world would be... 
when we all can amicably agree to disagree
Wouldn't you agree?

This is how I dressed on Friday to go to Austin for some work with my husband!
Tank - Target [10']; Skinnies - J. Brand [10']
Shrug - Gift [Brother 10']; Shoes - Shelly's [London, 07']
Heart Pendant - Macy's [08']; Ring - ASOS [10']
Clearly, I thought it would be a good idea to do some squats while I was posing!
Two birds ... One arrow? 
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