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As hot as a Jalapeño!

This is how I had dressed yesterday for a random afternoon out!
Dress - Mango [09']; Jacket - Esprit [08']
Shoes - Local Boutique [10']; Socks - Tommy [10']; Hairband - Target [09']

I was having my own little catwalk. Could you tell?!?!?

Bowling Weekend

My husband has the craziest sense of humor. The only time he is 'genuinely' serious is probably when he is in la la land! Life is a one big comedy series with him. It can be a little testing sometimes but there is definitely not a single dull moment in my life. 

He is as filmy as me, so to my any 'real' question there is always a funny or 'filmy' retort. I really should record it one day [just for proof!]. No one would believe he is a scientist if they met him. 

I can't believe I ever thought that serious men were sexy! Mysterious, may be but how long can you enjoy the 'serious-ness'? I guess in hindsight I realize how naive and unreasonable I were. Having my own version and belief about things which clearly I had no experience about. Everyday living with him I learn to smile about the stupid mistakes I make [instances where you go - O.o!], reducing the tension by smiling and joking about it and always living and enjoying in the moment

We went Bowling this weekend with some friends! This is how I dressed ...
Top - French Connection [09']; Cargos - ASOS [10']; Shoes - Steve Madden [09']
Belt - Husband's ; Necklace - Gift [Mother-in-Law 10']; Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Husband to Me - "Laugh like you have stomach ache"
Me *wondering.while.laughying* Who laughs when they are having a stomach ache?!?! 
Husband - Mine since 07' [haha!]

Me to Husband - We need to stop eating so many carbs. My kamar is becoming kamara [Translation - My waist is becoming the size of this room!]

Husband to Me - Does that mean you won't be baking any more breads?

Agree to Disagree?

It's been quite sometime that I haven't told you what I have been thinking ... So here's what I have been thinking [duh!]

We'll start with a small religious history lesson ... [Why? Just 'coz I want to! Duh! again!]

Lord Ganesha is the one whom we pray to whenever we begin something new. Prayers to him are offered in hope of luck and prosperity. However, back in the mythological times one day Lord Ganesha and his younger brother Kumara were arguing over who is greater in knowledge. That's when their parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were called upon to settle the argument. Their parents set them on the task to go around the 'Brahman' [The universe and beyond] and whoever comes back first is the greatest. While Kumara ran away immediately to win the 'contest', Ganesha simple took a rotation around his parents and touched their feet as in Hinduism the world [universe] is in the feet of your parents! Hence, Ganesha won the title of being the greatest and is prayed first before any other God in all prayer ceremonies. 

Now here's why I narrated this story! It might not make any sense to you but thats how my brain works! What to do? ... 

If you were to ask any of my friends before this blog, they would not have know a lot about my likes and dislikes and interest and ambitions [unless we had a specific discussion about the topic!]. I do not go around telling what I like and dislike, simply because it always end up in an 'unnecessary discussion'. 

I am someone who takes a lot of time and passion before deciding what I like, whom I like ...etc. etc. I do not need to discuss or defend it. If the topic arises and someone cares for my opinion I will share it, else I prefer to keep my mouth shut. Personally I do not not mind if people have different opinions from mine, but I do mind when they disagree with me and won't give up till I agree with them! 

Why is it so hard for people to exist knowing that someone thinks differently from them? Why do we all have to convince the other person we are right? Why the judgement?

The only people I feel deserve any reasoning or justification are my parents. They gave birth to me [hey! literally made me!] so they have the right to know why I made the decisions I made. Everyone else, I can choose to share with them, but I do not have to

An ideal world would be... 
when we all can amicably agree to disagree
Wouldn't you agree?

This is how I dressed on Friday to go to Austin for some work with my husband!
Tank - Target [10']; Skinnies - J. Brand [10']
Shrug - Gift [Brother 10']; Shoes - Shelly's [London, 07']
Heart Pendant - Macy's [08']; Ring - ASOS [10']
Clearly, I thought it would be a good idea to do some squats while I was posing!
Two birds ... One arrow? 

Secrets to Healthy Hair

Sonali had asked me to do a post on a hair care several weeks back and I am finally getting around it. For the record, I do not have the best quality hair on earth. They are verrrryyy fine, unbelievably straight and with no bounce/volume what-so-ever. But like everything in life, I have learnt to love what I have and maintain it to the best of my ability. But what is great about my hair is they are naturally shiny and healthy and grows at a decent rate. I cut my hair real short every 2-3 years and then grow them till they reach my waist and then cut them again! So much fun! ** Also, having straight hair means that I do not require to use any harsh hair products or chemicals on them ever. 

My Magic Hair Potion
My Hair transformation over the years
I used to maintain them much better up until my college days with a weekly oil treatment, deep conditioning and regular hair cuts. However, with time I have become a 'little' lazy and the maintenance has fallen down to monthly deep conditioning instead of weekly. However, I recently started making amends and getting back to my old (and good) habits. 

1. I apply oil once a week 
2. I use my 'Magic Potion' once a month
3. I use hair serum to detangle my hair before combing
4. I do not use hair dryer/straightener 
    [except on special occasions which are rare in my life]
5. I get a hair cut/trim every 8-10 weeks!

Also, Anika from Sweetfaced Style featured me yesterday in her Spreading the Love Series, here. [She has a thriving on-going debate on her blog about fashion, women, shape and self worth. Read this to know more.] Check out her blog!

Food & Fitness

Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla

Carb (High Fiber) Tortillas
1 Cup Fat Free Shredded Mozzarella or Cheddar Cheese
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
Half White Onion
Thin sliced Chicken Breast
Chopped Basil Leaves
1 Cup of Salsa

Sautée sliced chicken breast and onion in Olive oil. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top.
2. Foil a baking tray and place one tortilla on top
3. Sprinkle one cup of shredded cheese and salsa on top and place the second tortilla on top.
4. Broil on middle tray for 3 minutes and cut into 6 wedges.
5. Transfer
sautéed chicken and onion on top.
6. Garnish with Basil Leaves and few drops of Hot Sauce [optional]
7. Husband doesn't like sour creme so I served with cottage cheese.


Lately I have had to try
wayyyy much 'harder' to get my a$$ to the gym. It could be the lack of motivation, or working hours coming in the way, or may be God is being her usual 'difficult' self! So I have decided to make a LONG list of reasons why I like to workout to motivate myself. 
Time to get back in the Game!
1. I like how I feel when I exit from the Gym
2. My skin looks a lot better when I workout regularly
3. I like how my clothes fit me when I am in good shape
4. I truly cherish my current tiny waist [which was once as big as whole of ASIA!]
5. I do not like paying medical bills [which accumulate due to poor health]
6. I enjoy the confidence fitness gives me
7. I feel more at peace and in sync with myself when I workout
Anyone wants to add anything to my list? 

P.S. For the record, that was Husband's meal (above) and not mine!

Spa Day

We had a wonderful Saturday after ages. Husband had been working over the weekend for past couple of weeks so we were not able to plan anything! This Saturday we woke up and head to the gym followed by a delicious Brunch a la Tanvi - "Omelet Panini". Then we head to a near by town called Boerne and spend the afternoon at the spa getting pampered and then ate at the restaurant by the Guadalupe River [in Boerne, TX] called The Creek

Perfect Saturday! 
I am refreshed!
Off to spend the day at the Spa 
Followed by a hearty meal

This was the view from our table at the Restaurant! Priceless! 
Shirt Dress - Manan [Delhi 07']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']; Belt - Thrifted [10']

Movie Review - Easy A & The Town

We went to see this movie on Friday night but was tooooo lazy to write a review so here it is a day late 'coz this movie is definitely worth a review! 

"Easy A" is a story of a high school girl - Olive [Emma Stone]. She makes a BIG mess of her life from the moment she lies about her virginity to her best friend in the ladies-room. Rumors spread like fire and before she knows she is helping the unpopular school boys by pretending to have sex with them for gift cards from her favorite store [Office Max, Target, etc.]. 

I love Emma Stone. If I had been in the same high-school as her I would have been her best friend. Crazy, funny and fun. She actually reminds me a lot of Anna Faris [The House Bunny]. Her parents played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, if you ask me are the best part of the movie. They are by far the COOLEST parents on earth. [I would want them to adopt me in my next birth! No wait, I would want my current parents to be as cool as them in my next birth! (best of both worlds!)Although the movie looks like a teenage drama, it is definitely for all age groups and immensely funny!

Bottom-line - It is really funny and definitely worth a watch!

Next review is the shortest review ever!

We also saw The Town [another back-to-back movie marathon at the Cinemas]. The movie is about the family legacy in Bank Robberies in Boston, MA. Ben Affleck directs and acts in this intense crime thriller. It is a gripping story which keeps you interested till the end. My only issue was that it made me yawn! a couple of times, 'coz it was a bit too stretched where it wasn't needed. Besides that all else was A+

Bottom-line - Worth a watch!

And this is how I dressed to go to the movies! [Phew!]
Pants - BCBG [09']; Shoes - Nine West [09']

Necklace - Etsy [10']
Top - Kensie [09']

Meet Aarti, the Artist!

I am sure everyone remember's Aarti, who did an illustration of mine a few months back here. She has done it again! I have no words. This girl is talented. I have been following her work over at Art meets Fashion ever since and she is such a talented artist. 

Thank You Aarti for this second illustration. I really-really have no words!
Aarti's Illustration

The Original (which I wore here almost 3 months back)

Aarti made me look much better (cuter) than I actually am! 

P.S. I would like to welcome all my new readers. Welcome aboard on my crazy daily ride. Also, I would thank the readers who are non-bloggers, as I have no other medium to contact you! I enjoy reading your daily comments. 

P.P.S. Those who requested the recipe for the Focaccia Bread, I had added it to my yesterday's post

Focaccia & Fall

Weather and fashion ... Since I am ready for Fall, but Texas isn't, I have no option but to have patience. In no time I will be complaining about the cold. In the meantime here's what I am looking around to wear from my existing wardrobe in Fall (whenever it decides to come around)

1. Red thigh high boots
2. Blue long trench coat
3. Printed & Metallic leggings
4. Jeggings
5. Snug sweaters

Here are some of my Fall Looks from 2009! 
This was in London. Fall is as good as Winters there :)
Simple Jeans and Jacket with a dash of Lemon Yellow
My All Time Favorite Look! 
What are you looking forward to wear this fall?

Blue & Bright

While I am all ready with my boots and 'jeggings' to welcome 'Autumn/Fall', the sun is still shining bright and strong, here in Texas. Barring a few storms and showers every now and then, the weather is still warm and humid. You cannot even think of wearing layers or anything remotely 'warm' or fall-ish! 
Hence, the dress!
Dress - Urban Outfitters [09'] (Also worn here)
Bangles - Delhi [08']; 
Cuff - Won via a Giveaway on Tanya's Blog [10']

About two weeks back on my post about the Bangles, I had received a comment from the wonderful Daisybabie asking why all Indian traditions were either symbolic of 'marriage' or of 'husband/fiance'. It is true. All our customs and rituals tend to revolve around marriage, husband, children, or wealth! I do not really have any answer or explanation for this, I can only present my point of view in this regard. However, before I do that, I would like to say that I am not religious. I do not follow the Hindu rites and rituals very devotedly, unless I am in India or around family [I kinda have to then!]. 

So while most of the 'Hindu' customs are directly related to the happiness/growth/well-being of men in any Indian woman's life, I do not see these rituals as 'men-centric' as none of them would be possible without the woman [as cheesy as it sounds!]. So while the men keep changing in these traditions [from father, brother, husband, son] the woman remain constant. Women, are paid back in respect, love and gifts on all these occasions. I am afraid I might not sound very 'forward-thinking' in my thoughts here but there are a lot of other psychological and social deductions and reasons I can give for these traditions. However, I cannot possible explain all of them here [May be one day, when I visit you ;)]. Though, I know I haven't answered your question exactly, these are my thoughts [two cents] to make up for the lack of an appropriate 'answer'!   

P.S. About the Red Lipstick post, Thank you for your feedback, first of all. Almost 80% of your said Yes! versus the few who didn't quite like the shade or how I wore it or ... etc. etc. etc. I think this might be the very first lipstick in the whole wide world that I might actually like! So I will be buying it, soon! :)

Red Lipstick

Burger, Fries and some fruity drink. Cute Evening :o)
Top - French Connection [05']; Tank - CK [06']; 
Cargos - ?!?! [10']; Shoes - BCBG [10']

Sometimes I have this uncontrollable urge to turn back time! Not to change things but to re-live the good times. I miss my childhood the most! Miss the school days. Miss the days when I used to wonder about what I would ever become in life. Miss the days when I would sit and chat random stuff with my Dad till past midnight. Miss the days when I made only enough money to pay my rent. Miss the days when I could pack my bags and go traveling at the drop-of-a-hat. Miss the first half of my 20's and now I also miss my first year of marriage. 

You could say I have A LOT to miss ... and also A LOT to look forward too ... And to create more memories to miss in future ... today, me and husband went for mid-week date. Burger, Fries and some fruity drink. Cute Evening :o)

After our discussion on Red Lipstick the other day here 
I decided to go give it another try. 
Luckily, this time, the lady behind the counter was friendly too!

So, Yes? or ... No?

Pizza on Iranian Bread

Ahhh! That was quite nice! 

So now that we satisfied our appetite [visually!] here's what I am thinking ... Fashion is an integral part of this blog now. So I won't blame anyone, if they assume all I think about [all the time] is clothes and shoes [which btw is true for the 'shoes' part!]. But ... one more thing I do A LOT is 'people watching'. I enjoy it immensely. I can spend a whole day sipping coffee by a busy street and simply watch people pass-by. 

And during this 'people-watching-activity' [;)] I have come across many gorgeous, well-dressed females (and males!) on the streets. When I see them I always end up picturing them as 'fashion bloggers' who are posing to take pictures. Well, its all happening in my head but it seems quite real [yeah! yeah! I am crazy! I day dream in detail!]. 

But what's interesting is that everyone on the streets stands out individually but then as a crowd they all seem to get lost among each other. So I can't help but deduce that while many of us might dress well and look good by ourselves (on our blogs!) the real test is when you shine in the crowd. And it is not the clothes that will help you shine there, it is your personality! Clothes can only get you so far (may be get you a free pass by the bouncer!) but once you are inside you need to have more. You need to have it all - charm, personality, and class! Clothes, my dear do not make a person. 

- Henry Ward  Beecher

What do you think?!?

Movie Review - Dabangg

Dear Non-Hindi-Movie-Fanatics you can skip the whole written part and hop directly to the pictures. This is a review of the new Hindi Movie - Dabanggggggg! Well, the name is just 'Dabangg'; I simply got over excited there [**]. 

Well, I had been anticipating the release of this movie for weeeeeeks now. 
A) It looked like a total-masala movie with hearty laughs (from the trailers) 
B) Hello! Salman! ;) [Actor of the movie]

It is a story of two step brothers played by Salman Khan (Chulbul Pandey) and Arbaaz Khan (Makhanchan Pandey). Chulbul's step father always favors towards his step-brother (who is a little dumb! to be subtle) which makes Chulbul bitter towards both of them. He grows up to become a corrupt Police Officer, however with an exuberant style and personality. As his daily tiffs & taunts continue with his family, he stumbles upon the pretty Rajo (played by newcomer Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of Shatrughan Sinha) and falls in love with her instantly (like any hindi-masala-movie). The twists and turns come when his path crosses with a corrupt youth politician Chedhi Singh (played by Sonu Sood). Enough said. Watch the movie to know more [;)]

The movie was a riot from the word go. Salman was in full-form. He got some excellent dialogues to delivery which 'actually' was the true strength of the movie, I believe! Unfortunately, he doesn't take his shirt-off until the last 5 minutes of the movie [in case someone cared :P]. And Sonakshi Sinha is a revelation. She perfect to the T for the character. It didn't look like it was her first movie. The chemistry between Rajo and Chulbul was unbelievably cute [like someone is tickling you with romance!]. I loved everything about her - from her face, make-up, clothes, to her impressive acting. 

The music of he movie was A++++ ... not at one instance I felt, "why did they break into a song now?!" In fact to the contrary, having by-hearted-the-album from before I was looking forward to each and every song. It is an excellent album [Take a bow Sajid-Wajid] including the Munni Badnaam track by Lalit Pandit, which undoubtedly will be playing at ALL the weddings in the coming season! Also, can we take a moment to pay our ogling-respects to Malaika Arora Khan! Is she for REAL? She does not look anywhere close to 40's! She looked smashing and danced like 'no one was watching!' but hell! my eyes were glued on her tini-tiny waist and dance-moves which flow like a river. *envious.sigh!*

As for the action sequences, they were hilarious and entertaining at the same time. I am an 'Action Movie Girl' ... Yes, I AM! I have always loved good action movies and this one did not disappoint on any count. 

Bottom-line: If you are a Salman Khan fan, then I needn't say anything (you must have already watched the movie so *high.five*) and if you are not a Salman Khan fan, then go watch the movie and you will become one. 

Oh lord! This has actually become a rather longer review than what I usually do, but hey! I always say it - the way it is ... and when its good, its good ... No compromises there!

This is how I dressed to go to the movies! 
Shoes - Barrats [London, 08']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']; Top - TJ Maxx [09']
Beads - Gift [Mom 09'-10']
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