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You asked for it!

Thank You, everyone who joined my pity-party yesterday. You will be glad to know it is over and I am back in my element. You would also be glad to know that I got my act together and decided to cook the god-damn Poha [an Indian dish made with flat rice] myself and ate it for breakfast-lunch-and-dinner! 
There. Done and over with!

Anyhooo, moving on, today I decided to address the question which i keep getting in my comments. Mostly I try and answer them all individually, but these are the 'repetitive' ones:

I am from Delhi, as you must have deciphered from yesterday's post. My family, in-laws and most of my childhood friend still live there. Hence, it is home. 

Current Location?
I live in Texas, U.S.A. with my husband. 

Do I cook Non-Vegetarian food, in spite of being a vegetarian myself?
My husband eats everything, leaves and animals alike. I do cook everything as long as it's clean and bloodless, except for fish and omelet as I cannot stand it's smell. 

Why don't I name the brands of my hand-bags/watches/sunglasses?
There are two reasons for it. 
1. My Mom doesn't approve and while I am a grown woman, I choose to obey her, here
2. While, I wish to continue being informative and interesting regarding my fashion choices I need to find a balance where I do not feel I am 'showing-off'. This is my balance! However, if someone really needs to know something specific, I do not mind sharing it with them individually. 

When will I post pictures from my FAT-DAYS!
Soon. I promise. Back when I was FAT I didn't own a digital camera so I do not have a soft copy of many of them. And the few that I did own were lost when my laptop was stolen earlier this year. Like a fool, I didn't have a back up! However, there was this one I had posted several weeks back, here.

This is all I could remember from the couple of previous posts! If you do have any more questions, feel free to ask me and I will try and answer them [ long as I think they are relevant. Fair enough, right? ;) ]