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Tiny Little Sun Dress

We decided to spend our Saturday exploring and being a little cultural [which we are seldom, trust me!]. So where did you decide to go? San Antonio National Historic Parks. Doesn't sound that exciting? Well, it wasn't even. Really! But we got some good shots out of it all [narcissist? Yes! totally!] so I guess it was worth it. Plus, we learnt a little history and geography about my beloved Texas :)

One positive effect of blogging on me, has been that it has helped me get rid of my inhibitions [almost]. Now, me and mister click pictures in public all the time, while the on-lookers wonder, "What's going on?". Earlier I would get conscious and decide to only click in isolated areas. But now? Whatever! I am so in-to-it, that I do not care. Everyone can watch as much as they like! 

So here's how I dressed today for a real Texas-style hot-summer-afternoon
Dress - Wish [09'] Also worn here ; Hat - TJ Maxx [10']
Shoes - The Rack Shoes [08']; Belt - J.Crew [10']
Pendant - Mom's
Sitting by a broken tree branch!
Click on the above image to really see the moment captured!