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Shades of Envy

A poem begins with a lump in the throat. - Robert Frost

Green always reminds me of envy. While it is a color of vegetation, color of fertility, color of recycling [?!?!] but I always associate a 'certain' shade of green with envy. So while, believe-you-me, I am not envious of anyone [at least not at this very moment] but i couldn't resist giving my post this title. 

Also I thought the phrase "Shades of Envy" had a little poetic rhythm to it. [It could totally be a title of a popular song. Don't you think?]

So when I do not state any specific occasion or outing, 
the outfit is probably how I had dressed for any random day of my life. 
This is the exact same outfit I wore here
Top - Banana Republic [10']; Skirt - ?!?!? [Vancouver, 08']
Necklace - Gift [Mom, 10']; Bangles - Local store [09', 10']

I would like to Thank, the stylish, Ms Jemina for the "stylish blogger awardhere. She has such a great attitude toward life and a real individual style. It's a treat to visit her blog and check out her stylish outfits and accessories daily. 

I would also like to Thank, Sabine from PSYNOPSIS for the "♥ your Blog Award" here. She is on a 2 week holiday right now, but usually she is a pot of wisdom and interesting views about everything that makes life. 

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