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Re-posting: Unsolicited Fashion Advice

Fashion is supposed to be fun and not taken seriously. It's just clothes, right? 
- Naina, from style'n

I completely agree with Naina, here. Back in February I had started making the list of Unsolicited Fashion Advice which I thought I would continue here as I had few more pointers floating in my head [and also 'coz people didn't seem to have learnt anything from the first lecture! ;)]. And like I said the last time, I do not really have any business telling anyone what to do, this is just for my own benefit 'I-did-my-part'-kinda-philosphy! Feel free to disagree, all I ask is keep it civil :o) So let's begin?
  1. Don't follow trends. Sarah Jessica Parker once said, "Don't wear clothes because others are wearing them." I happen to agree. Wear clothes which makes you look & feel good. Fashion-trends can take a hike! It's good to be trendy but only when it makes you look good! 
  2. Take Risks...but. Know your body type and dress accordingly. Fashion is for everyone, you just have to find your version of it. Do not copy someone else's style/wardrobe. Its not you or your body. 
  3. The right underwear matters. While putting your outfit together please pay attention to the undergarment first. Match the color, the fit, and then check the neck, back etc. Unless you are a teen sporting the "lace bra trend", I am guessing you would wanna wear something more appropriate under a 'deep-armhole tank' or a sheer top, no?
  4. Don't forget your paunch! Really! how many of us have a perfect-flat-stomachs? And yet, we are determined to wear body-fitted dresses [a size too small] circling our paunch almost, as if with a compass! It's even more tragic when such disasters are recorded on camera everyday and posted by friends/family on facebook for everyone to witness! Really tragic ... My condolences!
  5. Watch your make-up ladies. I do not know why, but most (if not all) Asian/Indian women are on a mission you look fairer. If the fairness cremes don't seem work, they trade-in for a foundation one-shade-lighter than their skin-tone. Unfortunately, it only makes their face look white washed almost like a geisha. Personal tip - Click a picture before leaving home. If you look like a freak there, you are most likely to look like one, when you step out in public too, no?! 
  6. Break the rules. Where does it say that night-outs mean dresses and day-wear means Jeans and/or shorts? Well, personally I love to mix-n-match. I would wear Jeans in the evening with a nice top, when I know everyone else will be wearing their 'paunch-hugging' dresses. Simple and effective way to stand-out and sit comfortably! ;)
  7. Styling Rut? While some people like to experiment, others like to stick with what works for them. Either way comfort and venue-appropriate clothing is the key here. I do not think it matter if someone dresses 'similarly' everyday as long as they dress smart and chic. It's their personal choice to experiment or not. 
  8. Random Shopping. We all have conveniently decided to solve all our problems through Retail Therapy. [I do it all the time!] Which is fine, as long as you have a plan. Picking up random pieces [from Sales especially] is not going to do much for your wardrobe now, is it? Unless you can picture yourself wearing a 'garment' at least on 5 different occasions, are you sure you want to pick yet another clothing item and still stand in front of your wardrobe every morning and wonder, "I have no clothes!?"
  9. Feet are as important as rest of the body! Once you have got the underwear and the dress right, it's time to get the footwear right too. Most of the women screw up here [except the bloggers! Most of us are fabulous with your Shoe choices ;)]. Shoes make the outfit, ladies. There is again no 'one' magic-mantra for it. Wear it, twirl around in it and see if it works. Also, in today's world we have God - 'Google' to solve all our problems. Just check what footwear others [preferably non-celebrity 'coz clearly common man doesn't have the shoe-budget they have!] might have worn with something similar to you. 
  10. Keep it simple. Either work the clothes or use the accessories. Don't do both, ever! You only end up looking like a circus. Even while accessorizing, choose smartly - bunch of bangles/bracelets or bunch of necklaces/chains or one of each! Never ALL!
That was quite-a-mouthful, wasn't it? Now, tune in tomorrow to see how 
put these simple mantras in action, in their daily styling! 
Unveiling tomorrow!