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Movie Review - Aisha

Dear All Non-Asian-Sub-Continent Readers this is a review for the latest Hindi Movie - Aisha which released yesterday. So if you are not interested, please scroll down to the good stuff [outfit]. My fellow Hindi Movie Enthusiasts - Sit back and Enjoy. I promise I will try and keep it short! 

Aisha, is a modern day adaptation of Jane Austen's deliciously mischievous novel Emma. Emma has been an inspiration for about 8 adaptations so far, including this one. Anyhooo, that's no surprise as it has so much to offer. I was really excited about the movie for two reasons:

  1. Fashion - Well, let's just say that whoever was the stylist for this movie is my fashion-twin. I would totally dress up like Aisha in real life [if I had that kinda budget!]
  2. Emma - I have always related on personal level, to the character of Emma. Except for the matching-making part, that was totally me [in my teenage, at least]. Superiority, arrogance, spendthrift, daddy's girl?!?! Yeah!! ....totally me! [And can you sense how proud I am of my previous shortcomings?] :o)
Aisha [Sonam Kapoor] being the central character is trying to play cupid between Shefali [Amrita Puri] and Randhir [Cyrus Sahukar]. These two by the way totally stole the show. They, by far, had the funniest lines and expressions. Then she has a best friend - Pinky [Ira Dubey] who is supposed to be cool-mean-carefree-kinda-person. She had so much hype built around her character but it fell short! Her meanness was not really explained and/or justified and neither was hers and Randhir's love story! 

Dhruv [Arunoday Singh] and Aarti [Lisa Haydon] were two foreign-return characters about whom I am not sure. What was their purpose really?!?! Lastly, Oh! Arjun [Abhay Deol] is the only sane one. He is the love interest of Aisha and also her only true critic. While his character is not as mysterious and spell-binding as George Knightly [from the novel Emma] but is close! 

Aisha is bringing all these characters together by meddling in their lives and in turn messing her own. Of course eventually everything gets detangled and sorted but not in the best possible way! The scenes were extremely disjointed and mis-matched. They skipped from one incident to another, throughout the movie, without any real conclusion. The sudden outbursts of anger [Shefali] and sudden proclamation of love [Pinky,Randhir, Dhrus, Arti] are just that - sudden! The dialogues too were far from reality. Sparing few 'phrases' that is so-not-how Delhites speak.

So, I am making it sound I didn't like it - right? Well, I did. It had its moments and was entertaining in parts [at least was not as bad as IHLS]. It was a chick-flick which had a HUGE potential but lost its ground on screen play and editing. Acting by the whole cast was superb. Sonam, of course had the most screen time, but she delivered this time! Music was good [Amit Trivedi take a bow!]. My favorite tracks are Gal Meethi Meethi Bol, Suno Aisha and Shaam

Bottom-line: I enjoyed it. It was worth a watch and since its based in Delhi, made me extremely nostalgic. I wouldn't nominate it for the Oscars but wouldn't mind munching on popcorns while some decent time-pass. 

This is how I dressed to go to the movies!
I know it is still warm, but the AC at the cinemas is like being in Antarctica!
Jumper - Urban Outfitters [10'] Also worn here and here 
Jacket - Urban Outfitters [10']
Shoes - Aldo [10'] 
Necklace - (As always) Gift [Mom 10']
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